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Snake Charm {er}

FASHIONKim & Chloe

Jewelry is special to me. Well, for the most part. There are some pieces that I pick up just to fill in the spaces on the blank canvas of an outfit with a splash of color. But for the most part, my jewelry tells a story, even my brand new snake charm bracelet. I put on each piece with love and thought, and cherish when someone asks me about them. A compliment can turn into a 3-minute story or a 10 minute conversation... depending on the look in someone's eye and if they are a complete stranger or a close friend. My wedding ring is not really my wedding ring, but made from jewelry given to me when Chloe was born and when I turned 25.  The turquoise ring was my grandmother's. The jade ring was my mother's. That ring of Chloe's? It was given to her grandmother on her 16th birthday, me on mine, and Chloe on hers. Yep, I'm making sure the tradition continues. But of course, there are jewels that sit waiting for a story to happen, and their day will come. But for now, I seem to pull out those to wear that already have a story... and the others wait patiently for their story to happen. And still other pieces of jewelry are "just for fun."

snake bracelet

When Wren & Glory offered to send us bracelets, we had a hard time deciding what to pick because they have so many amazing pieces. When I selected my snake charm bracelet, I wasn't thinking about my jewelry telling stories. But when it arrived, I realized that I had chosen a snake bracelet and it will be a story that will be significant for me. 1) I love snakes. Fake ones, natch. Jeweled snakes, especially. 2) I made my New Year's resolution to be less judgmental of myself and others - wait for it, that matters. 3) 2013 is the year of the snake. When you add those 3 together, there will be a story and it will be about the year of 2013 when I made a resolution to be a better person and this little charm that I serendipitously chose, actually chose me. My snake bracelet was a reminder, is a reminder, and will be a reminder of 2013... and how I kept my resolution to be better. And when I'm tempted to stray from my resolution, my snake charm winds itself around my memory to be a constant reminder of my intent. That it can be worn as a charm on so many other bands or necklaces is pure bonus, but I love the silk band since it's stretchy and comfortable and I barely feel that it's there... and it's definitely a statement piece.

snake bracelet

Chloe chose a gold circle from Wren & Glory. It happens to match her watch perfectly! She says she chose it because she loved the clean simple lines, and the way the smooth texture contrasts agains the rough brown suede she selected. She also absolutely, completely, and madly loves polka dots. And the design reminds her of a polka dot interpreted by some amazingly talented sisters from Brooklyn who are doing what they love and creating jewelry for people who love what they are doing. So nice to meet you, Wren & Glory!


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