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How to Wear Boots

FASHIONKim & Chloe

We are celebrating our new boots we received for the holidays, and are thrilled with ours! Chloe chose a gorgeous black pair and I got a tan pair... that way we can share when the mood hits... if the mood hits. Although tall boots look adorable with skirts, we seem to be wearing ours more with jeans and leggings. Maybe because of the cold weather. When spring hits, we are thinking tights, and skirts just above the knees, but for now, we've got a few ideas on how to wear boots that are easy and cute. Plus, we really love the look of shorts with tall boots, but for now, we are tucking our skinny jeans and leggings into boots.

how to wear boots 2 (teen)
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how to wear boots 1 (teen)
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boots mom
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boots preppy teen
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So now that you see how we are wearing our boots, let us know how you are wearing yours!