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Songs About High School: The Ultimate Playlist


A back-to-school playlist with songs about high school helps with the big questions, like what outfit should I wear on the first day? Earphones or headphones, curl my hair or wear it straight?  Backpack on both shoulders or hanging loose on one, is it shameless or savvy to loudly call dibs on the new hot guy? Like it or not, it's the time of year that those questions are starting to push past the nothingness in your summertime mind and take over your entire being. While you're busy with your plan of attack, put on these songs about high school playlist for inspiration.... Simple. One guitar, one voice, one hot guy singing about school. If that doesn't make you want to throw on your backpack and wait for the bus, I don't know what will.



Yep...celebrity gossip is kinda like high school...and Reese Witherspoon does look like a Homecoming Queen. Definitely in our "songs about high school ultimate playlist" list!


Can I go to this high school? Please? I'll borrow my mom's 80's clothes. I'll fit right in. (Bonus...Rent the movie by the same name for your back-to-school party. Wonderful 80's cheesiness!)


For those of you headed off to college. Or those of you when that day can't get here fast enough...


Here's the one that started it all...RIP MCA!!!


With lyrics taken from the 1964 teen advice book Penny's Guide to Teen-Age Charm and Popularity and sung in a deadpan voice with a sprinkle of bitterness, this song is hilarious. Remember ladies...wash your hair at least once every 2 weeks and tell Johnny Football Hero that he had a great game!

Nada Surf- Popular


Great pump-up song from the girl who taught us all how to spell bananas!

Gwen Stefani- Hollaback Girl


But wait! There's more for your songs about high school ultimate playlist...

Modest Mouse- The Neverending Math Equation

Vampire Weekend- Campus

The Clash- Mark Me Absent

Gym Class Heroes- Scandalous Scholastics

Jackson Five- ABC

Eminem- Brain Damage

Pearl Jam- Education/Jeremy

Barenaked Ladies- Grade 9

Katy Perry- Last Friday Night

Nirvana- School

John Mayer- No Such Thing

Taylor Swift- You Belong With Me

Dar Williams- End of the Summer

Emily Osment- I Hate the Homecoming Queen

Kanye West- School Spirit