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Videos of the week: Austin Mahone + so much more!

Video of the week

Our top videos of the week include Austin Mahone's "Say Something" ... we can't get enough of him. Although we <3 One Direction and Justin Bieber, we know the next big thing when we see him. And we're willing to bet Austin Mahone is gonna be big. Do you agree? "Say something" (haha) in the comments below!

Do you know the quote, "what would you do if you knew you would not fail?" Need some inspiration to do... well, just about anything? Watch this video. Seriously, it should get you moving towards whatever your goal may be. Go on, conquer those fears!

Wouldn't it be nice if all our teachers were this clever?! GloZell always makes us laugh, even making fun of One Direction's "I Should've Kissed You"

And here's what One Direction "I Should've Kissed You" really sounds like before GloZell butchers discusses their song! Hope you enjoyed our fave videos of the week! Have a wonderful weekend!