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DIY American Flag Jean Shorts


American flag jean shorts are absolutely everywhere and love the American pride, especially this weekend - Memorial Day. We spotted a pair  of super-cute American Flag jean shorts a while ago while in Chicago and have been wanting to make a pair since then. Sarah, who made the awesome bleached and high-waisted pair of jean shorts, also created created this American Flag pair, which was a snap for her! We couldn't believe how amazing they turned out... and how easy they were, plus how much money she saved with this simple DIY. Check this out... and create a pair in time for Memorial Day! Or just add it to your summer to-do list and have a pair ready in plenty of time for the 4th of July. (UPDATE: Check out this amazing red/white/blue pair of DIY shorts we created for 4th of July!) Have fun! DIY American Flag jean shorts

DIY American Flag Jean Shorts:

Materials: Masking tape Scissors Star stickers from craft store (doesn’t matter if they are decorative or not) Fabric spray paint in Blue and Red (I used Tulip brand – available at Michael’s) Ruler Pen Newspaper Garbage Bags / Outside Area

1. Gather your supplies, and place the jean shorts on a flat surface. 2. Line the left leg with masking tape running vertical about 1” apart from each other, and place stars on right leg in desired pattern. Then place newspaper in the pockets and between the front and back of the leg to prevent bleeding to the back of the shorts. 3. Place newspaper on the side of short not being sprayed to prevent the colors overlapping. 4. Spray red paint on left leg and blue paint on right leg. 5,6. Let dry and then peel tape and stickers off. 7. Done! Follow directions on spray paint bottle regarding washing directions. Tip: You don’t necessarily need to make an American flag design. Using tape or stickers opens a wide variety of ideas! ~by Sarah