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Teen Makeup Tips for Lips

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Summertime is dry skin and dry lip time... and nothing leaves us parched and puckered like dry lips. Our teen makeup tips include checking out the best and latest, so we checked out two types of luscious lip treatments to see if they could cure the chap.  We wanted our teen makeup tips to help you find something to help ease dry lips and moisturize them enough to get our previously chapped lips around a straw of iced latté while writing this article just for you. And we found 2 great brands in the process! What's Your Virtue? lip gloss turns the beauty industry around and gives it a positive spin... and we are a fan of the message it's sending. The company started the way many good ideas start: a mother / daughter shopping trip, LOL! The mom was discouraged by "suggestive names found on many brands of lip gloss" so she decided to create a line of beauty products with encouraging messages. With her close friends, she created What's Your Virtue?, a line of lip glosses with a positive message.  Simply choose whether you want your virtue to be Devotion (pale pink), Kindness (peach), Curiosity (mulberry), Generosity (gold), Simplicity (sheer), or Wisdom (plum). They've found a fan in us with their positive message and great glosses!

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Tarte Lipsurgence Natural Lip Tint amazed us. A pencil makes us think that it will go on dry as dust, but the box reads " 6000% moisture increase". We don't know how to measure moisture increase, but it certainly took our drab, dry lips to moist and manageable. It went on smooth as silk, which took us by surprise, and was very pigmented. We bought the tint called Amused, and it certainly made us happy. It's very, very pink and moisture-licious with jojoba seed oil, peppermint oil, vitamin C and vitaminE. Tarte Lipsurgence really did rescue our dry lips and gave us the perfect pucker!

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We like them both and they are two different price ranges and types: What's your Virtue? is $12 and is a gloss, while Tarte Lipsurgence Natural Lip Stain is $24 and is a stick. What's your Virtue? would be a fantastic gift for a friends to remind them what they mean to you, and we were pleased with how easy Tarte is to apply. Both have a spot in our makeup drawer and will be helpful keeping dry lips away this summer!