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The Definitive Guide to Online Homework Help


So many people turn to tutors to get homework help and for test preparation. We find that conquering exam stress and keeping your focus is one main tactic for test prep, but a tutor can also be a great study aid. But, sometimes it's not practical: going to a tutor is expensive and time consuming. So we found the best online homework help sites so you can use your computer as a virtual tutor and get some of the benefits of visiting a live tutor, without the cost, travel or hassle. Here are some options on how to use the internet for online homework help and find resources that are available to you... for free.online homework help tutor 1. Brightstorm Brightstorm is a great site for free videos covering topics in English, Math and Science, plus subscription services in Test Prep.  What we love about the site is that you can search using your textbook, which is especially helpful when you are really clueless about a lesson. Also, there are different teachers, because although one teacher explains best for your friend, you might like the teaching style of another teacher.  Some other cool things about the site are the Q&A section and Maps. Somebody somewhere probably has had a question similar to yours, and you can look in the Q&As to find the questions and answers.  And Maps are grouped video study guides, meaning somebody gathered together all the Brightstorm videos they used to master a subject and created a map for that particular subject. Although the only subjects covered are English, Math and Science, Brightstorm is a wonderful resource for studying and clarifying any questions you might have about these subjects.

2. SparkNotes SparkNotes and NoFearShakespeare are the highlights of SparkNotes. SparkNotes has literature study guides.  "No Fear Shakespeare" places the modern text of Shakespeare next to the original text so that is easier to understand. Neither of these are intended to be used a substitute for reading the book you've been assigned, and after reading books and the synopsis, we agree that it would not be a good idea. But both resources are excellent for review and to refer to when you have questions about a certain section.

3.Khan Academy Our favorite site of the three. If you haven't tried it yet, you are in for a treat! Khan Academy was started by Salman Khan to help his younger cousin understand some math equations. As of now, he's created thousands of videos and is literally changing the way Amercians learn.  Bill Gates, a huge admirer of Khan's, invested in the company and they are seeking ways to better education. In the meantime, go to this site if you need complex issues made simple. Subject covered include Science, History, Civics and Math, Finance and Economy. There are also practice questions and answers. This is the ultimate replacement for a tutor... and may be part of your curriculum one day.

Research Tips: You obviously know that one of the best places to do research is to go to a library and research in books. It's amazing what you can find in books and it's astounding how much librarians know. Seriously. But most of us search online and then confirm what we find in a library. So we want to share some top research tips to make sure you are getting the best results for google searches.

1. " ? " searches for the exact phrases instead of separate words 2. - deletes this word from the search 3. ~ searches related words 4. .. shows all results with a date range

Sounds confusing but the info graphic below should help make it clear. And, it will also tell you how to quickly get definitions, replace your calculator, and convert measurements. Get more out of Google Created by: HackCollege

There you go... our top 3 study sites and our top tips for research. You should be ready to study for exams with our Online Homework Helper, plus it's always nice to know that in addition to the library, you have all the help you need right at your fingertips!