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Hunger Games Makeup- to actually wear!

BEAUTYKim & Chloe

While our eyes were glued to the entire movie, there were a few Hunger Games makeup beauty trends we couldn't wait to try! ? Some of the Capitol's fashions we'll simply enjoy on the big screen (our eyes were as wide as Peeta's at first glance on the train!) and will be waiting to wear on Halloween, but others are perfect for every day. ? We have 4 ideas for Hunger Games makeup adaptations that we think are perfect for a new twist for spring makeup, but not so different that you'll earn the nickname "Effie." ? Not that it would be such a bad thing! 1. Red + Gold Nails ? la Effie at the reaping ? ? This video by CutePolish is well, cute! ? And you know how we love our? ombre nails.... but what we like how this video explains the nail art simply and makes it easy to replicate.

2. Cinna's gold eye makeup We don't think this is a real product (yet), but we LOVE the ad! And, yeah, Cinna blinks so you can see exactly how that gold eyeliner should look when you apply.? Check below the really cool "ad" to find out the actual product that was used for Cinna's gold eyeliner.

Metal Powder in Sunflower Gold from Sephora is what was used by makeup artists to give Cinna his signature gold eyeliner. ? But you can sweep any gold eyeliner in a thicker than typical line across your upper eyelid to re-create his look. You actually want the gold to show, so make it thick and bold and use the (real or fake) ad above as the perfect guideline. ? The Cinna gold eyeliner look is appropriate for a dramatic nighttime statement, or a bold daytime look with toned down lips. Cinna Gold Eye Liner

3. Blue nails from Effie's Capitol outfit ? The photo via? Elizabeth Banks' website? gives a great up-close look at her fabulous blue Capitol nails. You can certainly replicate this look with some nail bedazzling, but you can also use the blue nail polish by? L'Oreal? below as your base color for a great similar look without going all Capitol! Effie's nails

L'Oreal Now You Sea Me

4. Katniss' coronation eye makeup. The reason we loved Katniss' coronation outfit was that it was striking without going overboard. ? Very Katniss, we thought! Her makeup artist for the movie,Ve Neill, shared the makeup secrets: Katniss’s eyes are framed by peacock feather lashes from PaperSelf and her lips are glistening with a peachy glow with M.A.C’s? Pro Longwear Lipstick in Overtime. (via Allure).? Her eyes were absolutely stunning. ? The turquoise dot behind the peacock PaperSelf eyelashes was bold, yet subtle amongst the Capitol extravaganza. ? You can apply the peacock eyelashes to the outer tips of your lashes for a bold look, or simply use a turquoise liner for a more subtle look. Katniss Peacock Eyelash

blue eyeliner

Now you have 4 looks from The Hunger Games that you can recreate at home... and actually wear. These Hunger Games makeup tips are easy to replicate and can be simple and sweet or Capitol crazy... enjoy!