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Lorien Legacies: Interview with Pittacus Lore


You know that feeling of starting a book, and it's so good that you just want to savor it... and never have it end. Finding that book and realizing there is a whole series is a bit like finding the perfect Anthropologie sweater in the back room sale at 95% off (as in amazingly rare). If you haven't read I am Number Four, then DO. Why? Because even if you don't typically read books about aliens, we swear on a Lorien's life that you will absolutely love this book. And yes, there's a series and The Power of Six amazed us too. Plus, the movie is as good as the book... and not just because Alex Pettyfer stars in it.

The series is about a group of Loric who have grown-up on Earth after their planet was destroyed. We meet 15-year old Number Four in an intense scene as he learns about his legacies and that he is the next target of the Mogadorians. He is the fourth of nine Lorien, who are being killed in numerical order. We could go on, but simply put, the books rock. Trust us.

Our love for the series even spread to Pittacus Lore, who agreed to an interview, giving us the scoop about  himself and the series!  As the leader of the Loric, he is writing the books to document their fight for survival. We are honored and pleased that such a dedicated leader was able to take time from his mission and communicate with us.  In return, if any Loric need a safe place... we are here for you!


Age: 10,162 years

Always has: a weapon

Proudest of: Surviving

Is thankful for: The other Lorien here with me on Earth

Wants to: rid the universe of the Mogadorian threat

Is afraid of: defeat

Believes everyone should: live freely, whatever that means for them

Is embarrassed by: my age

My style is: invisible

Pet peeve: crowds

What are your Legacies? I am the only Lorien with all the Legacies. The list is actually very long.

How did you survive the destruction of Lorien? To be revealed at a later date. To do so now might give the Mogs a strategic edge.

Do the Mogadorians know that you are on Earth? Yes, absolutely. They are trying to find me and kill me.

Is The Charm permanently broken? Yes.

Will you join Numbers 4-10 in the fight against the Mogadorians? All of the Lorien on Earth are fighting the Mogs, though I can’t tell you where or how.

What is the meaning of the blue pendants? They were part of the charm. Setrakus Ra collects them when he kills one of us.

How can Number 4 be attracted to Number 6 and Sarah? Same way humans can be attracted to and love more than one person. And both are beautiful, smart, and cool.

Did Sarah really turn in Number 4 to the police? To be revealed at a later date.

Will we hear more about Number 9? The next book is called? The Rise of Nine. So yes, you’ll be hearing more about Mr. Nine.

Is Setrakus Ra in the next book? Yes, he is. And we fight him, face-to-face.

What is a macrocosm?  The universe as whole, and repeatable patterns that exist within it.

Thanks so much, Pittacus Lore... and we are holding our breath until The Rise of Nine.