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Take a break with Ok Go


First of all, I'm sorry (it's Kim, here). I've been absent - it's been weeks since I've checked in - and I apologize for not keeping up with y'all. I've got a fabulous excuse though: packing up our Louisville home, saying goodbyes to family and friends, driving cross-country, waiting forever for internet hookup, and now slowly, while not so surely as I stare down boxes daring them to unpack & organize themselves, settling into our home in Denver. All while Chloe is enjoying her glam lifestyle in New York at Dormify (lucky gal). OK Go video

But I took a break tonight to watch Almost Royal on BBC America (hysterical), catch up on some emails, and be entertained with my son by videos on YouTube. The stunning creativity of OK Go once again caught my eye and I just had to share it with you. Be prepared to be amazed... and keep in mind this was shot in a single take. Just... whoa! Once again, OK Go simply astounds with their visuals, so enjoy!

And if you are in or around the Denver area, let me know! Hope you are having a nice summer and we'll be back soon with our regular blogging schedule... promise!

xo ~kim