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Borrowing from the Boy

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checks & paisley

I love my kids equally. Truly, I do. But, I'll admit that I have a favorite child's closet: Chloe's. It's the obvious choice since it doubles my clothing choices! Recently, though, I made a new discovery that might leave her favorite closet status in jeopardy. I can wear some of my son's clothes. And I like it. It all began like this....

paisley and plaid

plaid and paisley

paisley and plaid together

shirt: Brooks Brothers Boys (in-store only) | skirt: Tracy Reese at Anthropologie | shoes: Kate Spade (similar) (similar)| earrings: Chan Luu (last seen here) | nails: Essie Good Morning Hope | Lippie: Maybelline Coral Crush 

Anthropologie had this adorable oversized paisley skirt and I obsessed with finding the perfect top to go with it for a night out with my husband. I had it in my head to have an orange shirt to go with it. Only orange. Why? Who knows, but I don't question my thoughts sometimes. Ok, lots of times - it just saves time in the long run.

After going in and out tons of stores, I popped in the women's section of Brooks Brothers. While perusing the racks, I spotted the shirt - you shoppers know what I mean (and maybe you hunters) - you feel it before you spot it. You feel prickles on the back of your neck and you know it is lurking. And then you turn and light is beaming down on it. Ok, a little dramatic, but I knew I was in the right place, but it was in the little boys section & I have lady parts. As in, they aren't little girl parts, so I wasn't sure this could work. But I took the orange checked shirt to the dressing room and tried it on with my paisley skirt and, voilà, orange checks and paisley gave me the look I was going for. Not matchy-matchy. Not my typical tone on tone. But colorful and fun.

Best of all, this checked classic can hang in my closet, or my son's. I believe I now have 3 closets full of sharing opportunities! That is, until my son grows into sharing clothes with my husband. I'm hoping that his growth spurt comes later rather than sooner, because I think I'm going to enjoy shopping in this new closet.

Do you wear any boys or men's clothes?