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Life Update


Well hello beautiful people of the internet, long time no talk, am I right?I guess I have a little catching up to do so here’s an update on what’s happened in the past few months that I’ve been seemingly AWOL. I’ve been accepted into college (and rejected, but that’s a story for a different day), I’ve decided where I want to go (CU Boulder) and what I want to major in (Strategic Communications), and I found a roommate (she's awesome). Everything is going perfectly, and I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better Senior year. However, now that’s it’s second semester, my Senior-itis has officially hit. It’s not that I don’t care about my school work anymore, ‘cause I do, it’s just that I’m not feeling as motivated to do everything in a timely fashion. In fact, as I type this I should be doing my math homework... but whatever. Here are a few pictures so you can have a visual to go along with this update...


-My years has been filled with coffee dates with myself on weekends trying to frantically catch up with my school work. -My friends and I went on a mini road trip to a huge pumpkin patch this past fall to pick the perfect pumpkins. We then carved them together while watching cheesy Disney halloween movies. -Halloween was super fun this past year too. It was my first time going to a “real” Halloween party and I had an absolute blast. I wasn’t so original with my cat costume, but it was a last minute thing so I wore what I had on hand -For Christmas break my family and another family went on a week long ski trip together. It was an absolute blast and the mountains were just gorgeous. -I received a LifeProof case for my birthday and it has lead to countless swim team underwater photo shoots. -Selfies with friends occur on the daily, and we all know that everything looks better in black in white. -Over Christmas break I had a little photoshoot with my friend and she took some awesome pictures of me (at least I think so haha)

So there you have it, a little update on what has been happening in my life lately. I hope you all enjoyed this post and I’m going to try to keep up with this blog as much as possible! Let me know if you have any post ideas / requests!

xox Chloe