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Five Things I learned as a New York City intern



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hey, hey, hey!

Long time no talk, am I right? Well I'm back at it. Finally. Being a New York City intern is exhausting (and super amazing, educational, and fun at the same time) and I didn't have any time to blog. I'm writing this while sitting on my airplane on my way home from my month long adventure in New York City and I don't even know what to think. I had so much fun, got a little homesick, worked hard, and spent way too much money at way too many coffee shops.  And I learned a lot too. I decided that I should share a list of what I learned during the month of living on my own without my mom, dad, and brother.

Are ya ready?

If yes, then yay.

If not, then go grab a trendy coffee.

ONE: New Yorkers really do wear all black. It's like there's a constant funeral occurring in the city. I have to admit, I started dressing like a New Yorker and found that all black is awesome. Especially if a waiter/waitress spills your lunch all over you. Or if there's a random rain shower (I'd rather not be a part of a wet t-shirt contest, thank you). Or if you get really sunburnt and want to look less like a lobster and more like a chic upper east sider. Or if you're so tired and don't want to have to worry about what to wear to work. All of these lessons were learned from experience, mind you. Plus, if you wear all black then everything in your closet automatically matches.

All black is basically a win, win, win, win, win (etc.) situation. Yep, Mom, you were right.

TWO: New Yorkers abbreviate everything. Lulu Lemon is just Lulu.  Bed, Bath, and Beyond? It's just Bed Bath. The word dinner is just "din." And don't even bother saying definitely, totally, ridiculous and amazing in their entirety. They are simply, def, totes, ridic and amaze.

THREE: Soul Cycle is as amazing as people say it is. Thankfully I didn't try a class until my last day otherwise I would have blown my entire life savings on a spin class every night. Think dark rooms, screaming instructors, getting extremely sweaty, and loud music. Now that I type that it doesn't sound as appealing, but trust me, it was fab (see, I'm so New York).

FOUR: Food is really expensive. I thought that I would be totally fine with the amount of money that I brought along for my trip, but I was wrong. Fancy restaurants in Kentucky have meals that are anywhere from $12-$25. In New York City, a casual restaurant is the same, if not more expensive. It’s insane. But, all the food is so yummy. And the bagels really are better.

FIVE: New York City is the most inspiring place. I know you’ve probably heard it before, and you’re going to hear it again, but NYC is a place where motivated people make their dreams happen. Everyone has a twinkle in their eye and a pep in their step and it makes it that more fun to be a part of such an inspiring and motivated environment. I can definitely see myself getting my first job in the city after college.

So there ya go, five things I learned while in New York. I know they aren’t that crazy original, but whatevs. I hope you’re having a great summer, and if you have anything that you’ve learned this past month and feel the need to share it with me, then please comment below!!

xox Chloe