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How #vamping makes me smarter


So my new word of the week is #vamping. The New York Times says my teens are doing it (although I swear they are not). I do it occasionally. My husband never does it. Ever. what is #vamping

No, #vamping is not the '90's definition of being a little ostentatious, but rather pulling an all-nighter hanging out on-line and, in my case, ending up somewhere very, very distant from where I started. As I was reading the NY Times article about what teens are doing, I realized that not much has changed since when I was a teen. I felt the need to read the article since I have 2 teens so I need to know what they are up to in case I'm missing something when I'm busy, uh... #vamping. But I'm not. It's the same idea of "get off the phone" except now they need to stop texting, or "stop reading and go to bed" which hasn't changed, except add that kids now need to stop watching videos, tv, Snapchatting, scrolling through Instagram, etc.

The difference: life is digital, but isn't it somewhat similar?  But what I didn't realize until I started writing this, was that I do learn some things when I #vamp late at night, which I'm sharing below with you. Maybe they are actually learning something of value too. A mom can only hope.

So that's where my brain goes... from healthy to practical to ridiculous to, you guessed it, shopping.

How about you... do you ever #vamp or just get distracted while browsing?

xo ~kim