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10 Reasons to Love Denver


Ok, so I just got here... and Chloe isn't even here yet. But seriously, Denver is like a puppy: it just begs to be loved. You can't see it or experience it without falling in love with it.reasons to love denver My newbie impressions have me madly in love with my new town and may explain why, despite a less than stellar move, I haven't lost my patience yet. I haven't yet had a chance to explore new dining or take any excursions, so I'm surprised how easily I was able to jot these down and come up with my top 10 reasons to love Denver (so far):

1. It's always sunny. Well, almost, except for an afternoon sun shower or when it hails. But then it's sunny and dry again right away.

2. Despite the sun, it's not too hot. But if it is, just find a shady spot and you can actually cool off. Why? because...

3. There's no humidity. My Alabama family needs to visit to experience this.

4. Everyone is happy and friendly. I'm serious. I haven't met a rude person yet. I know I will (I'm not naive and we ALL have bad days, but the ratio of rude to polite is strikingly low).

5. Everyone is attractive. Not that I'm looking, but beauty comes from within + everyone is happy => everyone is beautiful, right?

6. If you don't believe #5 then trust me when I say that everyone is fit. 'Cause they are. Well, I think the state average is, at my guesstimate, probably at 90%. But it must be newcomers like me who make up that 10% and I will be changing my fit party soon.

7. People don't talk about biking to work or for pleasure... they just do it! My son and I joined goodnessknows for Bike to Work Day and had a blast and even made 2 new friends: Kerrigan and Suzanne. Denver B-cycles are everywhere in Denver and people use them. The ride we took at 6:30 this morning to celebrate #BiketoWorkDay was packed with us and commuters. And thanks to goodnessknows, a new snack bar, I had a very healthy treat... chocolate, cranberries and almonds. Yum!

Olympic Slope Style Skier Bobby BrownOlympic Skier Bobby Brown Photo by Jack Dempsey/Invision for goodnessknows/AP Images

8. Everyone is outdoors either gardening, biking, running, drinking coffee.... Well, why not?! You don't sweat, you aren't hot, and...

9. I haven't seen a mosquito. Not one.

10. And my main reason to love Denver: my hair is frizz-free. I can not over-emphasize the importance of this having grown up in Alabama and fighting frizz my entire life. Welcome to hair-freedom.

Denver is bliss and there are certainly more than 10 reasons to love Denver, so if you know Colorado better than I do, tell me what you like about the area and I'll can be sure to explore it!

xo ~kim