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How to choose clothes colors (and makeup)

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You know that girl who always looks so pulled together? The one who always looks so polished, even though she just has on a t-shirt and jeans? We found her secret to looking fabulous! She knows? how to choose clothes? colors that flatter her! That's right, she knows the best colors to wear to flatter her skin and hair color. We spoke with Jill Kirsh, the founder of Jill Kirsh Color, who is affectionately known as "Hollywood's Guru of Hue" by celebs (although she won't name her clients, we see them on tv, movies, and the red carpet). Her color system is amazing simple: instead of trying to determine skin color, she simply looks at hair color! ? For those of us who can't tell a pink undertone from a blue undertone, this is a system that is destined to save us from the perils of wearing an ash blonde color palette on a deep brunette coloring. ? Something we were definitely guilty of doing! How to choose clothes colors, and makeup too, is SO simple once you start using her system!

Step 1: Look below and determine which hair color group you are in (or go to her website to see more hair colors if you are in-between two colors).

jill kirsh

Step 2: Take a look at the swatch books on the right of each hair color group below to see what colors work on you. ? It's really that simple! ? Next to each Swatch Book, we've shown you a lipgloss and On-the-Go mini make-up kit... as if it could get any easier! ? You can buy her makeup and know that you will be flattering your skin tone. ? And, when you are out shopping, no more buying something and getting it home and thinking, "this just doesn't look great on me." You can purchase the Swatch Books and always have it handy in your purse so you can know exactly what colors look good all of the time. Jill Kirsh's system is easy as pie and something we are so excited to try!

how to choose makeup colors On-the-Go Mini Kit,? Diamond Lilac lipgloss,? Swatch Book


how to choose makeup colors On-the-Go Mini Kit,? ? Elegant Suede lipgloss, ? Swatch Book


how to choose makeup colors On-the-Go Mini Kit, ? Brown Sugar lipgloss , Swatch Book


jill kirsh On-the-Go Mini Kit, Rosetta lipgloss, Swatch Book

Thanks, Jill, for sharing your secrets for looking fabulous with us. ? We had no idea it could be so simple to choose colors that flatter our skin and hair, and we are so excited to try your system!