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Let your inner light Shine On!


Have you been lucky enough to be around someone who has a positive attitude about life? ? You know, that person who doesn't let the little things get them down, and is always willing to lend words of encouragement? True friends who appreciate your inner strength and beauty always help you celebrate life's wonderful moments and help you through the difficult ones. When we were with Kim Andriole, the owner of Shine On, her bubbly personality and her optimism were contagious -- she is a shining example of positivity.

  Now she's sharing her can do attitude with everyone.? Although she says she "was never the smartest in [her] class or the most naturally gifted athlete," Kim has achieved every career and athletic goal she set for herself.? Her brand,? Shine On, inspires others to also discover their talents, believe in themselves, work hard, and share their gifts/talents with others.

Kim's? t-shirts? make us smile, and her Birthday Globe? and Birthday Jars? are? very special treats for a birthday. Thoughts in a Box? are the perfect step up from the traditional greeting card. ? With sentiments ranging from congratulations to sympathy, there is one for every occasion. We are motivated by Shine On's mission to inspire others and appreciate inner beauty, so shine on, girls, shine on!