DIY Love Sign

Love Sign DIY

Chloe’s on a room-cleaning spree… yippee! And part of her new clean look was the desire for a new mantel design, including a love sign. You’ve seen our past room designs for her, but she’s seriously decluttering – again – and wants a look that is simple & elegant, with a little bit of funky. Maybe it’s the fall weather and there’s such a thing as “fall cleaning,” but I asked no questions and she’s on a roll!

There are no big changes in the air, just simplifying a bit, but for the mantel, she wanted to replace her monogram message board with a love sign by PocketfulofDreamsUK’s but we didn’t want to spend $400. So, it was time to be inspired and DIY! We were surprised how easy this project turned out to be, and are already thinking of other projects similar to her new love sign.

DIY love sign supplies


  • wooden letters *
  • gold discs – we used 40 mm sequins
  • gold thumb tacks
  • gold Krylon paint

love sign mantel


1. Sand and prime your wooden letters. Then spray them, making sure to cover sides as well.

2. Starting at bottom, cover letters with discs and thumb tacks. Push thumb tacks 1/2 way the top hole only in so discs can move freely side to side (movement gives it a 3-dimensional quality that makes it more interesting).

3. Add a new row directly above the bottom row, covering the thumbtacks. Where possible, keep the columns and rows straight.

Can you believe – that’s it! The only tedious part is that it takes some time to push the thumb tacks in (my thumbs actually got a little sore, so I used a thimble). Other than that, this is a very simple project. Consider it a weekend undertaking and catch up on some movies, football, or a tv series. I have a few I can recommend – any you are liking lately?

* {update 2/19: it seems the wood we used may have changed and it’s become almost impossible to push a thumbtack into the wooden letters!
If you can’t test a thumbtack discreetly before purchasing (in a spot that would not harm it for another purchaser)
then we suggest using the exact same idea on CARDBOARD letters. The shape is plainer, but the insertion is easy!}

IF YOU ENJOY THIS: check out our Disco Love Sign & Glitter Lollipops

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  • Chrissabella

    Thank you so much for stopping by at my blog and your lovely comment.

    Those pictures look great, really love this DIY job

    Following your blog now for some more DIY inspo and would love you to follow me back :)

    Greetings from London,

  • Emmy Surface

    I love the sign, but it really wouldn’t match with my green-pink, floral/polka-dot room theme. ;P Great idea though, and I’ll keep it in mind!

  • Rea Alducente

    that is just so awesome. the LOVE sign is so inspiring that i wanna make one too!

    REAlity Bites?

  • Natalie

    Totally adore this idea! What a fun looking project with a big impact!

  • Wanda Hoffs

    great project and great look Chloe! I am waiting patiently for my 14 yr old daughter to ask me to redo her room with some glam!! Right now it’s a complete mess and mish mash!

  • Sloane

    This would love awesome Chloe!



  • kendra kay

    love it!

  • Roni Faida

    Beautiful. I think I can actually do this! Thanks for the suggestion.

  • PopCosmo

    Trust us, if we can, you can!!

  • PopCosmo

    Been there :) but what my mom thought was a mess, was actually organized chaos!

  • PopCosmo

    It totally makes a statement!

  • Ellya Brill

    So pretty….Love it!


  • Christina

    Where did you purchase the gold sequins? I looked at my local Michaels, Walmart and Target and have had no luck :(

  • PopCosmo

    click on 40mm gold sequins in the post above and it will take you to the link to purchase! I think we used 2-1/2 packs at $1.99 each and bought them at Hobby Lobby. Our Michael’s has them though! The amount you use will depend on 1. your word and 2. your spacing. Have fun!!!

  • PopCosmo

    Oooh, thank you! We love pins :)

  • Mallory @ Classy Clutter

    Love this! Pinning!!!

  • Jennifer Williamson

    Directions say to prime and sand. How do I prime? is there a specific type of sand paper to use?

  • PopCosmo

    I primed by spraying with a primer, but some sprays will have a primer in them. The goal is to make the wood look pretty underneath the letters and make sure the paint will stick well. I wasn’t sure when I started how much of the color would show through. It ended up that I covered most of the letter, so I could have just used a gold primer, but I’d always rather take an extra step than have to redo one!
    Our wood needed a quick finish with the sandpaper, so I started with a medium grit sandpaper just to quickly go over the letters and finished with a fine or extra fine one (I don’t recall). I wanted to make sure my daughter didn’t get any splinters!
    Hope that helps.

  • PopCosmo

    Thank you!

  • Stephanie R.

    I love how this turned out, super pretty!

  • Melissa Skidmore

    So totally beautiful! I’m going to give this one a try for sure! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  • Angela Evenson

    This is outstanding!! I totally need to make this for a Valentine’s Day decoration. Really beautiful- thank you so much for sharing it so the rest of us can enjoy as well. :) Quick question- where did you get the white coral-like piece on her dresser? I’ve been looking for something similar and so far haven’t found anything. Thank you in advance! :)

  • PopCosmo

    We found it at a local boutique, but perhaps somewhere like Z Gallerie might have a similar piece or West Elm? We also had been looking forever! But I feel like once we found it we started seeing it other places… if we run across it, I’ll let you know!

  • Angela Evenson

    Thank you for replying!! I love bloggers who respond! :) I’m your newest fan :)


    Wow, I am in love! I am going to the store right now to buy the supplies for this beauty! Thanks for sharing!

  • Tess

    Pretty! This sign is perfect for Valentine’s Day, also found some beautiful love signs featured at see them here:

  • Amanda Brown

    I just purchased all of the material needed for this fun DIY. However, I am having a really hard time pushing the pins into the wood. I’ve tried hammering, but it is nearly impossible to do because the pins are small and my fingers get in the way! Any ideas on how to more efficiently push the pins in? At the rate I got one pin it will take me all year to finish this project!

  • PopCosmo

    Oh no! As I mentioned, it took a the weekend to make this – off and on in front of the tv over 2 nights, but it definitely shouldn’t be so hard!!! A few suggestions: try a thimble over your thumb – I used one when my thumb got tired, spread out the discs so that they aren’t overlapping – it will look just as good and require a lot less ‘thumbpower”, or switch to cardboard letters. Also, are your tacks the right kind? Check with the hardware store and see if they have some upholstery ones that are stronger. Mine were plain, but maybe your wood is much heartier than mine?
    Rest assured, once our tacks were in… they stayed. That would be my only concern about using cardboard letters!

  • BaylorBear

    Such a chic idea. Bought all the same items from Hobby Lobby. All their wood letters were on sale. Have done three so far. Defiantly a lot more labor intensive than expected. It is nearly impossible to get tacks into the letter. Will keep trucking, if my fingers don’t break first! Be warned, the project is a lot harder than it appears!

  • Heidi Kundin

    Do you remember how many packs it took you to fill your LOVE letters? Thanks so much! :)

  • PopCosmo

    By the way, I found them at JoAnne’s yesterday! BOTTOM shelf, under sequins on the craft wall. Just ask. I think we used 2-1/2 packs, but gosh, I’m not positive.
    And based on the reviews, I’d suggest spacing the discs out more than we did. If you spray with gold and don’t overlap, it will look just as amazing!! It looks like some folks fingers are getting more sore than mine. :/ And loyal reader alert: we’ll have a new idea coming soon-ish… stay tuned! or subscribe to bloglovin’ :)

  • Laurin

    Just got all the supplies, and yeah…its not happening. I’ve done one row, and my tacks keep bending. They do not want to go into the letters. Looks like I’ll be resorting to gold glitter. I was so hopeful!!

  • PopCosmo

    We just posted one with cardboard letters! You could use the sequins you’ve purchased and large cardboard letters. Not sure why you’re having such problems except the wood could be different? It was tough for us… but do-able. Sorry to hear this, but give the silver “disco love sign” a look and see if it helps with the idea. Good luck!

  • Lisa Frank

    Here’s an idea that’s easy on the thumbs for people having trouble with the wood letters. Shindigz (online party store) sells styrofoam letters that are 12″ high and 1″ thick for $3 each. ( They can be spray painted and the thumb tacks would push in like butter!

    Lisa Frank :)

  • Bridgette

    I’m having a horrible time as well. Can’t get the tacks in. Was your wood thick or thin? The font that you used is offered in a thinner, denser wood at hobby lobby. They also had larger letters that were $12 a PIECE compared to $4 for the ones in your font. The larger letters were a thicker and less dense wood and I image putting tacks in them would have been easy. But for this denser wood, it’s not happening, even with a hammer. And I sprayed them already before trying to put the tacks in and now I can’t return them. Bummer! I might try cardboard letters :(

  • PopCosmo

    They must have changed the wood… seriously! We didn’t have the problems y’all are having. At all. It was hard (as I said in the post) but completely, absolutely do-able. Which is why it’s posted. The wood is thin. Very thin. Which you can tell from the angle of the photo.
    1. Cardboard Letters (we have a link to another post above where we showed smaller sequins, but you could use these large sequins + thumbtacks. If you use sequin pins, make sure you test 1 before buying more than 1 pack. Not all pin heads are big enough!! I learned the hard way.
    2. Look at Lisa Frank’s comment below – the styrofoam letters (which I have not researched).
    As for the ones your spray painted, sorry about that. I’d cover in glitter and modge podge them and give as a gift if you do the other and like it better!

  • Bridgette

    Thanks for the reply :) I like the modgepodge idea. They must be a different material… or maybe you are superwoman ;)

  • PopCosmo

    Just call me superthumb!!! I tested it on cardboard and it’s SUPER easy!
    And I’ve noted this in the instructions – I appreciate y’alls input :)

  • Jennifer Norfleet-Suggs

    Love it. Pun intended

  • PopCosmo

    Thanks, Lisa! We’ve also given a suggestion for cardboard – wish they sold the styrofoam letters locally :)