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In my childhood, I used to get these strong thoughts in my head about how talented I would be at something. I had this vision in my head of me becoming the next famous softball player, scrabble player, or baton twirler and begged my parents for lessons or to join a local team. My parents knew that these things probably wouldn’t be my cup of tea and that I might embarrass myself in the process, but they let me take lessons and learn my lesson the hard way. I joined a local softball team and almost broke my hand by putting my hand in front of my glove to catch the ball (why!?), I lose at almost scrabble games (I still love it though), but my my mom  put her foot down when it came to baton twirling lessons, thank goodness. And now I’m not even sure why I was interested in taking those!

But I am totally into calligraphy and one of my goals this year is to become super-amazing at calligraphy. I recently took a class on SkillShare and haven’t looked back since, which you’ve probably noticed on our Instagram. I think this might actually be my thing. In fact, I might be {one day, if I practice} pretty good at it. *gasp* So since I’m basically a calligraphy prodigy (haha) I figured I better fill you in on a few tips since calligraphy is totally trending right now!

how to learn calligraphy


Things to know :

-This is not your grandmother’s calligraphy. But it can be if you want it to be. There are all styles of calligraphy, and I happen to like modern… not traditional.

-Calligraphy supplies really aren’t that expensive. You need:

  • nibs
  • pen
  • paper
  • ink

-You do not have to have amazing handwriting to start calligraphy. If you practice your style enough then you can totally pull it off!

-Calligraphy is super messy, at least for me. Make sure you aren’t writing on a nice desk, because ink will most likely be splattered all over it, and not in a chic way.

-Practice makes perfect, so practice, practice, and practice some more.

Places to learn calligraphy :

-Skillshare > search Calligraphy.  This is where I learned. Since I loved it so much, I’m going to be take more classes, maybe here, maybe one of the awesome places below, to keep learning! Uh, maybe this summer when school slows down. Junior year is buuussssy.

-Fake it ‘till you make it – not really calligraphy, it’s, wait for it… how to fake it. Or if you want a true short cut, just buy the font.

-I still love Calligraphy – I don’t know much about this, but it looks pretty.

-LH Calligraphy has a a super-cute starter kit on Etsy and a gorgeous Instagram! The price is reasonable too.

how to learn calligraphyphoto via LH Calligraphy

Please let us know if you try any classes and what you think of them, plus tag us and show us your calligraphy skills on Instagram!
xo ~chloe

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  • Linh Vo

    What a visually beautiful post! I took a calligraphy class by friend hosted about a month ago and posted 1 photo on there. Practicing on the sketch pad was easy because the paper was so smooth and soft, but when it was time to write on real paper, I felt like my hand was too heavy. I practiced for a few days and put all my things away. This is a nice reminder to get back on it! Maybe I’ll try to make Marli’s bday invitations via calligraphy :)

  • Hunter

    Such a great post! I have always wanted to learn calligraphy!

    Prep on a Budget

  • Kevin O’Gara | Thou Swell

    I’ve been curious to explore calligraphy recently and I think it would be such a rewarding project! Thanks for the helpful links and resources :)

  • Marian Eeles

    Love this post! I adore calligraphy, but definitely don’t do enough of it! Luckily as we’re getting married this summer I have lots of excuses to practice! Thanks for the reminder to get back on the bandwagon again!

  • rebecca

    Its something I hope to learn someday soon! It’s very handy and pretty :) Thanks for links

  • Guide for Ladies

    I have always been into art, painting, sketching, and the like. But I have actually never thought of doing calligraphy… however, I must say this post made me curious. Painting and sketching are quite time consuming activities and maybe calligraphy will be as rewarding but less time consuming? Do you find it time consuming?

  • PopCosmo

    Calligraphy can be very time consuming if you’re a perfectionist! I haven’t been doing it for that long, but I like my letters to look consistent in a word so I have to redo my words a lot ;)

  • MamaRabia

    I love doing calligraphy, but I’ve only ever used the markers and the instructions that come with those. It sounds like it would be more fun (and look better) when done with better instruments. I may give it a shot some day, who knows!

    Stopping by from #SITSblogging!

  • Regan .

    I love this! I had some calligraphy pens and books when I was younger and dabbled a little but never truly learned. Thank you for this.

  • Lil Mis Saver

    Interesting… I like art & all, but I have the worst handwriting. Even though you probably have to practice a lot to get good at it, I think it would be a lost cause for me. Though it looks & sounds cool, I think Ill just stick to my unique chicken scratch :)