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No-sew DIY Placemats + Fall Friends!

DIYKim & Chloe

DIY placemats Inspired by the simplicity of the linens at Mark & Graham, we decided to try our own DIY placemats to prepare for fall festivities.  What's not to love about a monogram and matching border, right? Also, we wanted to pull in the colors of our china so we chose a black border and monogram, but you could choose any color combination. DIY placemats supplies Supplies: Plain placemat Scissors Ribbon Paint Liquid Stitch Stencil Paintbrush Pencil

Directions: 1. Cut ribbon to length of each side. no sew DIY placemats -cut

2. Apply ribbon to edges with a washable glue. no sew DIY placemats - glue

3. Apply stencil to top center and paint. no sew DIY placemats - stencil no sew DIY Stencil - paint

4. That's it! You have the first of your DIY placemats! simple no sew DIY placemats

Three steps to a simple no sew DIY placemats ready for any table setting. Party on!no sew DIY Placemats | popcosmo


We also have some fab projects from our friends for some fall fun! (ooh, isn't that festive!) Enjoy! Click on the picture you like and you'll go straight to their website!

Each Monday from October 28th - November 18th you'll find Holiday decorating ideas, DIYs, crafts & so much more from our friends at Sews N Bows, Fresh Idea Studio, PinkWhen, & The Pinning Mama.. We hope to see you!


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