How to make a chalkboard from a mirror

We have decided to redo Chloe’s room, and we wanted to know how to make a chalkboard from a mirror like we see in plenty of magazines… for less. Her room needed to be freshened up and we decided we’d show you how to make a chalkboard as one of our projects for her room redo. We were inspired by the colorful chalkboards and mirrors we see everywhere, and the DIY version in Pink Pistachio. (One of our other projects is a monogram message board.)

Our requirements:
no taking apart the frame
no paintbrushes
no paint cleanup
Was it possible? You tell us what you think of the results!

Our biggest hurdle was finding an inexpensive mirror. Any size could do, but we wanted a large one because she had a lot of empty wall space we wanted to cover. We looked everywhere for cheap mirrors at antique stores. We couldn’t find anything and had given up… and were walking by a neighbor’s house and they happened to have one for sale for $5 during a yard sale! So much for all the antiquing we had done… we scored by walking to get a latté and chai! So we would suggest that you begin by checking yard sales.

Supplies Needed:

  • newspaper or drop cloth to place beneath your mirror
  • sandpaper
  • gloves if you would like to protect your hands from spray paint
  • spray paint for wood border in your choice of color
  • spray chalkboard paint
  • parchment paper or newspaper to cover the chalkboard area while you spray.

DIY chalkboard

Step 1: Read the entire set of directions BEFORE you begin!!! On a non-windy day, lay down newspaper of plastic and place your mirror on top. It’s your choice to start with the blackboard or the wood border, and we chose the wood border.

Step 2: Clean the wood border and lightly sand so the spray paint will adhere.

Step 3: Spray paint the wood border. For the first step, you do not have to tape anything off since you will be covering the mirror in the next. Don’t worry about getting white (or the color you choose) on the mirror since it can act as a primer for the blackboard paint. Let completely dry.

Step 4 (not shown) Spray the chalkboard paint on the mirror. We did not cover the wood so had to add in an extra step! **But, we realized it might have been easier to spray paint the mirror/ chalkboard first, then simply cover it WELL and paint the wood border. It’s easier to cover a flat surface, rather than try to cover a rounded surface. Now we know. Just in time to tell you before you begin!

Step 5: Cover the chalkboard area with something that is non-permeable (meaning the spray paint will not go through it.) We chose parchment paper that we wedged between the mirror and the frame. It worked fine except in one corner where it lifted when the paint started to dry. You can use newspaper too. This step is critical to the finished product!! If you skimp here, you may as well start over. Seriously.

Step 5: Let dry. Step back, grab some chalk, enjoy!

DIY blackboard





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  • MG

    great idea and useful!!!!

  • Krae

    Why do u cover the chalkboard with parchment?

  • PopCosmo

    We needed to do it to make sure when we spray painted the wood frame that it didn’t ruin the chalkboard that we had just painted.

  • Krae

    O okay, I made one out of a picture frame but the chalk didn’t write on it very well so I am looking for something else to make my niece that will work!

  • PopCosmo

    Just making sure that you understand the parchment paper is just to cover it while you spray paint! You remove it – it’s only to protect the chalkboard from getting ruined! If you remove the chalkboard completely and paint it and then fasten it back in the frame, you wouldn’t need to cover it!

  • Krae

    O yes I get that, I was just saying that I made a chalkboard with a picture frame and the chalk does not write on it very well so I am going to try the mirror

  • Salvaged Inspirations

    Have that identical mirror upstairs in my powder room. You did a great job and nice site :)

    Best Denise ~

  • PopCosmo

    Thank you so much!!