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Cooei Flip Flop Gold & Black

FASHIONKim & Chloe

SPONSORED POST + GIVEAWAY The Cooei Flip Flop gold or black is just the start of something amazing. There is a whole Cooei system to making sure your mom's feet are pampered. We all deserve a special treat and why not show her that you think she needs pampering too? And since are two different options to purchase Cooei... it's perfect gift from the loving daughter of every budget!

Your gift selection for mom (or to pamper yourself!):

You can buy the amazing Cooei flip flop gold or in black. Enjoy the versatility of a comfortable flip flop that will match everything in your closet.

flip flop blackflip flop gold


Or, you can ensure comfie feet all the time and purchase the Cooei flip flop gold or black set. Imagine for a moment that point when you are out and about when you don't think your feet can take it any longer. You know... that "shoe-icide" moment when you are about to get a blister and you know your day is ruined. Spare your mom from ever experiencing that moment again because Cooei solves the shoe-ouch before it happens.

flip flop gold

How? You have your flip-flops with you... and nobody even notices because they are hidden in your chic gold or black clutch! So, as soon as your feet start to hurt, you take off your "shoe-icide" shoes, slip on your hip and comfy Cooei flip-flop in gold or black and stash your high heels in your Cooei shoulder bag. Because, guess what, your Cooei clutch converts into a shoulder bag that's large enough to hold any size heel! ? Clever!

No more aching feet, no more wearing ugly, but comfortable, shoes, and no more worrying about where to stash a pair of heels when you're out for the day or dancing the night away. Cooei solved every single shoe dilemma a mom could face. In fact, we think teens might need a Cooei set themselves for dates, parties, concerts...!

flip flop gold black

And Cooei is kind enough to offer a giveaway of your choice of the entire set in gold or black! Just enter below to say goodbye to ouchy feet! a Rafflecopter giveaway