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I’m kind of an obsessive person. When I like something, I really like it. Here’s a little anecdote to prove my obsessiveness.

My mom is letting my brother adopt a cat for his birthday. I’m not a cat person, never have been, never will be, but my brother let me look on the adoption website with him to choose a cat. I found a cute one, his name is Mr. Biggs. Keep in mind, my brother is the one who gets to choose the cat, I was just his side kick in the looking process. However, I fell in love with Mr. Biggs. Real, true, love. He was a 20 pound cat that liked to snuggle, play fetch, and was bright orange. He’s more of a dog than a cat really, and I love him. However, my brother found a “better” cat and disregarded Mr. Biggs completely. I couldn't stop telling my brother how wrong he was in his selection and my heart actually hurts that Mr. Biggs won’t be living in our house. I haven’t met this cat, I don’t know if his description is even true, but I’m obsessed with him. I mentioned "Mr. Biggs" so many times that I am now basically banned from talking about him anymore. My family got too annoyed. 

So obviously this is just a sneak into how I obsess over things. I guess I just know what I like and don’t stop talking about it until everyone around me makes me stop or I find something new to like. So far this summer I had only obsessed over Mr. Biggs (aka the perfect cat that I should own), but recently I watched Pulp Fiction. A must see. A cinematographic masterpiece. Pure art. A new obsession.

I read every article I could find about it. Theories upon theories. Reviews upon reviews. Screen shot after screen shot. I truly became obsessed with the movie. When I learned it was a Quentin Tarantino movie I decided to make it my summer goal to watch as many of his films as possible. 

I watched Django Unchained last night, and once again, I loved it. It was a cool story, it was beautifully filmed, each shot was perfect, and the script was so cool. Not to mention the cast was perfect. If you’ve seen either of these two movies please let me know so we can have a conversation about them. If you have a Tarantino favorite, I’d also love to know. They're both on Netflix, so I promise they're easy to watch. Go do it, please, so I can obsess over them with someone.

Long story short, I'm obsessed with Quentin Tarantino and his films. He's so cool. For real. 

Thanks for reading