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iPod Memories


I’ve always been a saver. I don’t like buying things that cost a lot of money, but I do like to think I’m the kind of person that will impulse purchase something over $100. It’s just not me. I can’t do it. However, when I was in the third grade, the original iPod Movie came out. It was a huge deal, I mean you could listen to music, store photos, and watch movies and tv all on one device. A REVOLUTIONARY PIECE OF TECHNOLOGY. 

I had been saving up for forever to buy an Apple product, because I thought they were just the coolest things. They were, but like I said, I don’t spend my money I just like to talk about what I theoretically would buy. But after talking about buying an iPod for the longest time, my mom finally drove me to Best Buy so I could purchase my very own iPod. After looking at the price tags I was about to back out, but then my mom reminded me how hard I had worked just so I could buy one. She was right, I really did want one, and YOLO, you know? 

So I bought it. I splurged. I did it. 

It has been years since I’ve used the trusty old iPod Movie. I mean, I upgraded to an iPhone which is, seemingly, so much better. It has everything that my iPod has plus texting, calling, FaceTime, and apps galore. But when I got home from college I was going through all my old things (nostalgia, you know) and I came across the ole trust iPod. It still works and has some bumpin’ beats. The best part though? The pictures. I started to scroll through all the pictures that I had on there and four hours later I realized how fast time goes by. 

I found pictures from middle school field trips that feel like they were last month. 
I found pictures from when my family went on vacation in elementary school.
I found pictures of me creating my first blog which feels like yesterday but was actually eight years ago. 

Time flies. It’s cliche to say, I realize that, but I feel it now. I have three years left of “mooching” off my parents and that freaks me out. If I get married at a “normal” age (because right now that seems so far away and like it’s never going to happen) I have less time of being a single girl than I do of starting the whole family thing. I’m not a kid anymore, and even though I still feel 14, I have to realize that time is going quickly. 

Sure the days and weeks pass slowly, but I finished my Freshman year of college in a blink of an eye. I want to make sure I treasure every single moment, because soon, I’m going to be looking at pictures of me now wondering why I didn't go do everything possible while I had the time and the freedom.

Sure I was broke after I punched my iPod in third grade, but you know what? I still have that iPod and it’s still impacting me. That’s what big purchase items are for, memories. You done good third grade self.

Thanks for reading!