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an embarrassing story


I’m the queen of embarrassment. Not a day goes by where I don’t embarrass myself somehow, in someway, somewhere. It doesn’t matter if I’m with my best friend, my mom, my brother, a boy I have a crush on, or just by myself. I will embarrass myself. 

So with that being said, I have an embarrassing story to tell. Every time I post an embarrassing story on the internet, I ask myself why, but then I think it could make someone chuckle (and therefore make their day a little bit better) or someone can relate to me and make me feel like less of an embarrassment to society. Either way works, really. 

So, it all started Sunday morning. I woke up pretty early for a weekend, we’re talking 7am, and a boy on my floor also happened to be awake. We went outside to sit by the pond by our dorm so we could talk without waking everyone else in our dorm up, and while chatting, we decided that we should take a little drive up to the mountains by our college. I was super excited to get off campus for a little bit and explore the beautiful scenery up close, because I usually only stare at it from afar. 

So we then hopped in his car, took a pit stop at Starbucks for some breakfast, and then headed up the mountain, windows down, music playing. 

When we got there, we parked in a little parking lot and walked to the lookout point. It really wasn’t too far of a walk, but there were a ton of rocks that we had to climb over. I jokingly told my friend that if I hurt myself it was his fault.

We finally made it to the lookout point and sat and enjoyed the scenery. It seriously was prettier than anything I had ever seen before. After we finished taking in the beauty, we headed back to the car. 

I made it past the big rocks, and by the time I got to the little rocks I stopped paying attention because they really weren’t that intimidating. This was a big mistake. I ended up tripping on a little baby rock, falling to the ground, and severely hurting my ankle. 

I didn’t realize how badly I had hurt myself until I stood up. Luckily, my friend had taken my arm, because the second I stood up, I felt intense pain and all the blood rushed to my head. I then proceeded to faint. On top of my friend. 

I remember waking up sprawled across him wondering how the heck I ended up on the ground. I was absolutely mortified that I knocked him to the ground, but luckily he only ended up with a few scratches. 

So not only did I severely sprain my ankle, but I fainted on top of my friend. 

This story is so embarrassing that I feel like it will be one that I end up telling my kids and eventually my grandkids. Everything that could have gone wrong on our little adventure did go wrong. 

As I type this, three days later, I have a big boot on my foot and can barely walk across campus. Life is rough as a clumsy college student, let me tell you. 

Do you have any embarrassing stories that I need to hear about?
Thanks for reading! 

first impressions

College, RANDOM STUFFChloe Gordon

I used to have a blog (well actually, it’s still on the internet somewhere) where I wrote about embarrassing stories that so frequently seemed to happen. For some reason, people liked this blog. I like to think it’s because my stories were so relatable and open and honest, but in reality I think it’s because people liked to laugh at a stranger’s unfortunate events via the internet. Either way, it doesn’t matter, I still got those pageviews, ya feel? ;) 

    Anyway, I haven’t written on that blog in a while, not because nothing embarrassing has happened lately (because a day doesn’t go by where I don’t embarrass myself), but because I just haven’t had the time to keep up with two blogs. Then, I recently, I asked myself why I had two blogs in the first place. I don’t know why I felt so nervous to share embarrassing stories on PopCosmo. Maybe because this blog has more viewers? Maybe because my dad reads this blog? Who really knows. 

Today marks the first day in history that I will be sharing an embarrassing story on here. This blog. This blog that’s read by more people than solely my cousin and a few select others. Are you ready for this? I mean you made it this far in the post so you might as well read the story..

The other night I went to dinner with two of my friends. We hadn’t seen each other in a while and we felt the need to catch up and tell each other stories (the good and the bad) about what has happened over the summer. Everything was going great until we started talking about technology and our phones, which eventually lead to us talking about our text ringtones. 

Coincidentally, one of my friends had just changed her text tone to a Jurassic World dinosaur roar. I thought it was half cool and half lame, but I wanted to hear what this text tone actually sounded like. So, of course, I texted her. Since she was sitting right next to me I just texted some scrambled letters, “gnirebj.” But for some reason, the text wasn’t going through. So I sent another, “gurejnlsk;a.” That once didn't go through either so I continued to text three more messages of jumbled letters to my friend in hopes of hearing a dinosaur roar. I then joked around and said something along the lines of, “I hope I didn’t send those texts to the wrong person…” 

Turns out I did. I sent five gross — as in “not english” — text messages to the wrong person. And who is this “wrong person” you might ask? None other than my roommate to be for next year, my first year of college. My roommate who I have yet to meet or have an actual conversation with. Way to start impressions out on a good note. Props to me. Awesome work. Always proving myself. I then continued to text my roommate, “omg I’m so sorry!!!” Which rendered no response. 

In the end, I learned two important lessons; one, always make sure you’re texting the right person. Especially when you’re sending gibberish text messages. And two, Jurassic World ringtones aren’t really worth hearing in the end.