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20/20 vision

FASHIONChloe Gordon

When I was in second grade all I wanted was a pair of glasses and set of braces. 

Unfortunately — at least seemingly at the time — I had 20/20 vision and perfectly straight teeth. Life was rough. I was jealous of all the “cool” fourth graders who had the killer combo of glasses and braces. 

But, as my mom always said, “be careful what you wish for.” 

While I never had braces, this year, my vision started failing me. I couldn’t see the board and I was constantly squinting and struggling to figure out what things said. It was terrible. 

But I finally was able to live my second grade dream of accessorizing with a pair of stellar glasses. 
My vision might not be 20/20 but my glasses sure are, am I right? Thanks Warby Parker, you’re the bomb.