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Graphic Design Final


I’m a pun aficionado. If you follow us on Instagram then you already know this, but I went (and am still kind of going through) a phase where every single caption had a pun about the picture posted.  I think I like puns so much because they make people smile and roll their eyes all in one. I like them so much that sometimes I find myself watching hours and hours of pun battles on YouTube. You say nerd, I say clever nerd. 

    Anyway, I took graphic design this past year and for our class final we had to create a series. This series could be absolutely anything. Our teacher gave us a few starting ideas but there were no rules except for each piece in the series had to be cohesive. I decided to take my love of puns and use that to inspire me for my project. We had to use something that we learned during the year, and I learned how to create these drawn graphics from an image. Originally I was going to make recipe cards, but I soon realized that that idea would take way more time than I had. 

sugar pun
cream cheese pun
cheese pun

    I just thought they were fun and quirky and that maybe you would wanna see them! Let me know what you think! 

Thanks for reading