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20/20 vision

FASHIONChloe Gordon

When I was in second grade all I wanted was a pair of glasses and set of braces. 

Unfortunately — at least seemingly at the time — I had 20/20 vision and perfectly straight teeth. Life was rough. I was jealous of all the “cool” fourth graders who had the killer combo of glasses and braces. 

But, as my mom always said, “be careful what you wish for.” 

While I never had braces, this year, my vision started failing me. I couldn’t see the board and I was constantly squinting and struggling to figure out what things said. It was terrible. 

But I finally was able to live my second grade dream of accessorizing with a pair of stellar glasses. 
My vision might not be 20/20 but my glasses sure are, am I right? Thanks Warby Parker, you’re the bomb. 

virtual closet

FASHIONChloe Gordon

Finding an outfit before an 8am class is a challenge within itself. Finding a cute outfit before an 8am class is beyond challenging, it’s equivalent to running an ultra marathon with no prior training. In fact, if you look cute the day you have an 8am, you deserve an award (preferably a Starbucks with extra shots of whatever has the most caffeine). 

I happen to have an 8am three days of the week, and the struggle has been real as of lately. I decided I am going to make virtual outfits (because I can and it’s easier than buying new clothes) to prove to people that I know what cute outfits look like, I just don’t have the time or the money (thanks, college) to actually look put together on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. 

So here’s outfit number one. Also, mom, if you’re reading this, consider it a prequel to my birthday wish list (love you). 

1. jeans
2. sweater
3. backpack
4. shoes

Thanks for reading!