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morrocanoil dry shampoo

I’m a sucker for good packaging. I am the kind of person that will buy something solely because the packaging is aesthetically pleasing. I think it’s my inner graphic designer wanna-be coming out, but regardless of the reason, I will buy something once just because it’s “pretty.” 

When Moroccanoil reached out to me to ask me to test out their new dry shampoo I was beyond excited. I have been a fan of their products for the longest time, not to mention their packaging is 100% on point. The turquoise and orange just vibes with me, ‘ya know? I, of course, jumped at the opportunity to test the dry shampoo and I’m so glad I did. It smells like summer in a bottle, it blends into my hair better than any dry shampoo I’ve tried (all it takes is a few shakes and rakes), and it looks pretty sitting on my bathroom sink. 

I actually loved Moroccanoil’s dry shampoo so much that I let me friends try it out and they ended up fighting over the bottle. What’s interesting is that my friends and I all have pretty different textures and styles of hair but this dry shampoo worked for all of us. And not only does it work on all textures and types of hair, but they’ve developed two different products, one for light tones and one for dark tones. Pretty sweet if I do say so myself! 

Need a touch-up between shampoos? If so, be sure to check this amazing product out:
Dark Tones
Light Tones 

dark tones
light tones morrocan oil
moroccan oil dry shampoo
dry shampoo by moroccan oil
moroccanoil dry shampoo

If you end up trying this dry shampoo out, be sure to tweet or Instagram proof of how much you like it!

XOX Chloe