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It’s almost finals week, and you know what that means….

It’s procrastination week. 

I’m sorry, it’s just that the internet really is a black hole of information. One link leads to another and I find myself looking at some famous Instagrammer’s best friend’s boyfriend’s cat’s Instagram account. 

Because I’m not a selfish person, I’ve decided to share these cool links with you. Mostly because I don’t want to be the only person procrastinating, but also because they really are cool links. 

In search of new music? Check out Urban Outfitters best of 2015 playlist. 
Speaking of music, DJ Earworm delivers (yet again) with his 2015 mashup. 
I have a new muse and she goes by the Instagram name of ZoeLaz. Check her out and and fall in love with her too. 
I want everything from this store. It’s literally perfection. 
I’ve been using Tumblr increasingly often and it’s turning into an addiction. A healthy addiction, but still an addition. 
This photo is gold. 
A little reminder. 

And there you have it. A few places to start your adventure through the internet. I’m sure they are starting points of some very unique and inspirational paths. Please let me know how your journey turns out. 

love you long time,

procrastination station


This summer has been absolutely, positively, jam packed. I feel like I can never catch a break. Between working at the golf course, hanging out with friends, or just chilling with family; I’m constantly on the go. However, I’ve been trying to take a few minutes to myself each day to just chill so I don’t get too burnt out on human interaction. What else would I do to unwind but scroll through the amazing thing that is the internet? I’ve compiled a list of a few share worthy links so if you’re in need of a time waster or a little break, don’t you worry, I’ve got you covered.