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Live in the Moment

Chloe Gordon

I think sometimes, we go through life living for the future. In middle school all we want is to be in high school. In high school all we want is the freedom of college. In college we just want to live a life without homework and studying. It’s this dreaming of the future that keeps us from living our best in the moment. 


Sure, I’m guilty of laying in bed waiting for time to pass. I’m guilty of not enjoying the moment because all I can do is dream about how great the next hour or tomorrow or the next day is going to be. But, I’m challenging myself to enjoy every little second and every little moment. For example, last night I was walking to meet a friend. Usually, on my walk all I do is think about how excited I am to get to my destination and see my friend. But this time I changed my mindset. I enjoyed my walk through campus. I took in all the buildings, the people, the stars in the sky. It was one of the best walks I’ve ever been on. It allowed me to feel more peaceful, more content, and more inspired by the moment. 


So next time you find yourself wishing away the present because you’re so involved in focusing on the future I challenge you to pause. Pause your thoughts and become content with the moment. Breathe. Think. Be Mindful.

Conquering Self Doubt

College, RANDOM STUFFChloe Gordon

I’ve always known that I want to do something creative with my future. I don’t know exactly what this creative thing is, but I know I’m not cut out for being something conventional like a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. It’s not in my DNA, I thrive on being creative. 

However, this past semester, I started to doubt myself. I started wondering if maybe I’m not as creative as I thought. I started questioning my originality and my ability to think outside the box. It got to be so bad that I stopped pushing myself. I stopped trying new things, I stopped thinking creatively. I suppressed my “weird” thoughts and feelings.

I think I started to doubt myself because I stopped trying new things. I felt trapped in this bubble of repetitiveness. Wake up, class, eat, sleep, and repeat. I felt like I was in this cycle of never ending boringness. 

Every once in a while its so important to break the cycle and get out and do and see new things. 

A few days ago, during the first big snow of the year, I forced my friends to drive up to the mountains and take pictures. We’ve been to this spot before, but I needed to get my creative juices flowing and experience the beauty of nature with my friends. 

And you know what? That half hour of being creative and outdoors was just the wakeup call that I needed. I’m back to myself, and that’s how I know I’m not pursuing the wrong path. I’m doing the right thing with my life and future and everything is going to be fine and workout just like it’s supposed to.

Thanks for reading! 

Confidence Is Key


We all have those things we don’t like about ourselves. We stand in front of our mirrors and think of a million and one reasons to not be confident. Why? Why can’t we love ourselves. Why do we pick ourselves apart? Is it out of fear? Or are we just blind to our own beauty? 

I don’t know how to answer any of these questions, but I do know that, depending on what I wear, I feel more confident. I’m not sure what it is about the perfect outfit that allows me to be more, well, me. 

It’s not about wearing a certain brand or trend, it’s more about how something makes you feel. You know in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants when they each wear the jeans in certain situations and, in their own ways, are bursting out of the seams with confidence. It’s about that, it’s about wearing something that empowers you to be the fullest extent of yourself. It’s about being confident beyond how you look, and more about how you feel. Absorb confidence and release it to others. Confidence is contagious. 

My froomie (friend / roommate) and I wondered around campus the other day in our favorite and confidence boosting outfits to create this little video. I hope it inspires you to be more confident and less nitpick-y of those little things about yourself that no-one even notices anyways. 

A HUGE shoutout to my friend Jeremy for directing/filming/editing this film. Go checkout his Instagram clips. You won’t regret it, plus I’m 100% sure he’s going to be doing huge things in the future. 

This post is sponsored by Tampax, and I love that their brand spreads the ideals of confidence. They aspire to inspire girls to #WearWhatYouWant and #BeRadiant; I love that their messaging go against what most girls think of when they have their period. Most girls avoid short skirts, white pants, and tight anything. But you know what? If those short skirts, white pants, and tight anything make you feel confident then by all means rock them. Own it. Do you.

I’m sharing #Tampax in my life as part of a Tampax sponsored series for Socialstars™"

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