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college as told by gifs

CollegeChloe Gordon

I'm currently procrastinating doing my math homework and thought it would be fun to create a little recap on my college experience so far  because I’m an amazing person and a kind soul.
I'm telling my story through GIFs (and yes, it is pronounced like Jiff the peanut butter) because nothing does a better job of describing an event more clearly.
You're welcome. 


Shopping for dorm stuff:

Meeting your roommate:

First day of classes:

First feeling of homesickness: 

First party:

going to the gym after your first party:

when someone in one of your classes reminds the teacher to collect an assignment:

Eating healthy in the dining hall:

First exam:

So there you have it. My college experience so far as told by GIFs. Please leave a comment telling me how relatable and funny this post is so I don’t feel badly for writing this post instead of working on my math homework. 

love you long time,