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College, RANDOM STUFFChloe Gordon

I used to have a blog (well actually, it’s still on the internet somewhere) where I wrote about embarrassing stories that so frequently seemed to happen. For some reason, people liked this blog. I like to think it’s because my stories were so relatable and open and honest, but in reality I think it’s because people liked to laugh at a stranger’s unfortunate events via the internet. Either way, it doesn’t matter, I still got those pageviews, ya feel? ;) 

    Anyway, I haven’t written on that blog in a while, not because nothing embarrassing has happened lately (because a day doesn’t go by where I don’t embarrass myself), but because I just haven’t had the time to keep up with two blogs. Then, I recently, I asked myself why I had two blogs in the first place. I don’t know why I felt so nervous to share embarrassing stories on PopCosmo. Maybe because this blog has more viewers? Maybe because my dad reads this blog? Who really knows. 

Today marks the first day in history that I will be sharing an embarrassing story on here. This blog. This blog that’s read by more people than solely my cousin and a few select others. Are you ready for this? I mean you made it this far in the post so you might as well read the story..

The other night I went to dinner with two of my friends. We hadn’t seen each other in a while and we felt the need to catch up and tell each other stories (the good and the bad) about what has happened over the summer. Everything was going great until we started talking about technology and our phones, which eventually lead to us talking about our text ringtones. 

Coincidentally, one of my friends had just changed her text tone to a Jurassic World dinosaur roar. I thought it was half cool and half lame, but I wanted to hear what this text tone actually sounded like. So, of course, I texted her. Since she was sitting right next to me I just texted some scrambled letters, “gnirebj.” But for some reason, the text wasn’t going through. So I sent another, “gurejnlsk;a.” That once didn't go through either so I continued to text three more messages of jumbled letters to my friend in hopes of hearing a dinosaur roar. I then joked around and said something along the lines of, “I hope I didn’t send those texts to the wrong person…” 

Turns out I did. I sent five gross — as in “not english” — text messages to the wrong person. And who is this “wrong person” you might ask? None other than my roommate to be for next year, my first year of college. My roommate who I have yet to meet or have an actual conversation with. Way to start impressions out on a good note. Props to me. Awesome work. Always proving myself. I then continued to text my roommate, “omg I’m so sorry!!!” Which rendered no response. 

In the end, I learned two important lessons; one, always make sure you’re texting the right person. Especially when you’re sending gibberish text messages. And two, Jurassic World ringtones aren’t really worth hearing in the end.

Post Wisdom Teeth Removal | A Rambling


As I write this, it’s 6am on a morning that I don’t have to be up for school. Parent-teacher conferences are a life-line from above, saving teenagers from having to do their homework last minute on a Sunday night after a very short break from school. So why am I up, you ask? Because yesterday I was lucky (jokes) enough to get my wisdom teeth out. I’m post wisdom teeth rambling, blame the drugs. For those of you who have yet to endure this life altering process, have no fear. It took, what felt like, five minutes. I got to the office, they injected me with some “blissful sleep meds” (as quoted by my doctor), and then I woke up and was wheel chaired to my car. I was planning on having my mom film a video of me, but I wasn’t funny, which was a huge bummer because I really wanted to be on the Ellen Show. I guess I can’t count on drugs bringing me to my fame and fortune.

Anyway, it’s 6 am of the morning after, and I was doing my hourly scroll through Instagram and came across a guy’s post (@seanwes and the link to his podcast is in his Insta bio). In it, he mentioned how he has a podcast that talks about all things creative. Because I had absolutely nothing better to do, and I’m interested in the spike of podcast content recently, I decided to take a listen. I started with one called “Topic Ideas So You Never Run Out of Things to Write About.” It honestly couldn’t have come at a better time, because lately, I’ve been feeling like blogging but I’ve also been feeling like I don’t have anything to blog about. Can I blame my Senioritis on this too??

So as I was listening — at the time I’m writing this, I’ve only listened to about 15 minutes worth, but it’s already that inspiring — I decided that I wanted to write a post every day for two weeks. Sometimes the posts might be crappy. Sometimes the posts might reveal how amazing of a creative soul I am (right?). Sometimes the posts might be flat-out dumb, but I think writing one post for fourteen days is totally do-able. I’m not putting a length requirement on. In fact, the only requirement is that I have to make (not find) a visual to go along with the post.

So there you have it, a promise from me to you that I’m going to actually be blogging again. Hopefully I’m not writing this in a drugged state of mind — back to my wisdom teeth — but even if I am I hope to keep this promise. And with that, I guess, I’ll ask if you have any post recommendations. Feel free to leave a recommendation or piece of inspiration (ie prom, awkward stories, DIY). If I end up using your  inspiration, and you want me to, I’ll link to your blog and social media sites so be sure to leave those in the comments! I'm just that kind of a soul.

Thanks for reading! xox, Chloe

Galentines Day

FASHIONKim & Chloe

I've never had a Valentine, but I'm sure if I did I'd spend my day being spoiled with chocolate, roses in every color, and maybe a new piece of jewelry. It would be a day all about me, all about love, and all about, wait, did I already say "me?"I like to think that the reason I've never had a Valentine is because boys are intimidated by me and my good looks, but I think it's probably due to the fact that every time I get close to an attractive boy my brain fails me. I stutter, I blush, I get sweaty arm pits, and so on and so forth. I just don't have the ability to be smooth around attractive boys. It's my only* fault in life. *sarcasm


With Valentines Day right around the corner, yet a lack of an actual Valentine, I decided to host a little Galentines party (based on my favorite TV show, Parks and Recreation) with a few of my friends. We decided to make Valentines Day cards for our non-existant boyfriends, eat food (aka Costco cookies and Goldfish), and laugh at our inability to make eye contact with cute boys. Overall, it was a successful day and we had a lot of fun. If you don’t have a Valentines date, or even if you do, I highly suggest getting together with a bunch of girl friends and having a craft party. A little creativity is always fun and makes for good memories! I decided that I'd compile a list of a few cute Galentines Day crafts so that you can jumpstart your party hosting... you're welcome in advance. DIY heart pillow. Perfect for dreaming about holding a conversation with a cute boy. DIY watercolor heart cookies. Because food is a perfectly fine substation for a boyfriend. Food>BoysDIY Piñata love gram.  A great craft to make with a group of friends!

Here are a few pictures from our little party:

I hope you have a LOVEly Valentines day, especially if no boys are involved ;) xox Chloe