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how to survive a frat party

CollegeChloe Gordon

I just finished my first year of college and now that I have a lot of lazy days until my summer job starts, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting. I went into college knowing absolutely nothing. I don’t have any older siblings and didn’t have that many older friends to ask about the whole thing. I was kind of thrown into the college deal, but honestly, going in blind was an absolute blast. I had to learn a few things the hard way, but, for the most part, I wouldn’t trade my first year for the world. 

I decided to start a little reflection series talking about what I learned from my first year. 

The first reflection that I want to write is about how to survive frat parties. I basically didn’t party at all in high school. I went to a few things here and there, but for the most part I was content staying busy with my school work, sports, and family. I didn't feel like (and still don’t think) I missed out. 

However, I attend a “party school.” I’m not really sure what that even means, but my family members always drop those words when they are reminded where I go. I mean there are definitely parties every weekend and for every occasion. Let’s just say it’s not possible to be bored on the weekends at my school. But I definitely learned a few things and want to share a few solid tips (at least I think they’re solid) in a few categories. If you wanna know more information or have any burning questions feel free to leave them in the comments below! 


+obviously you wanna feel cute / look cute but don’t worry too much about what you’re wearing. It’s usually too dark to notice plus the people are going to be too drunk to care. I usually wore a pair of jeans or leggings with a cute (but cheap, usually) top. just make sure you feel comfortable and confident, that’s all that matters! 
+wear shoes you don’t care about. I pretty much always wore my converse. they’re gross now, but I can easily wash them and they’re easily replaceable. 
+the floors are pretty much always disgusting so make sure you don’t wear something that drags on the floor. 
+don’t wear your favorite jewelry. if it falls of, there’s not way you’re going to find it (or even want to, the floors are GROSS).
+don’t cary a purse, it’ll get spilled on or lost or just be annoying. the only things I brought with me were my phone, my key card to swipe into my dorm and room, and sometimes I’d bring like $5 for pizza or something. that’s pretty much all you’ll ever need.
+if there’s a theme, dress to theme. it’s fun and makes for a cute photo. don’t care what other people are wearing at the party, you and your friends all dressed up will be super fun and memorable. do it. 


+the most important thing you need to know is that you don’t have to drink. no one cares if you’re drinking, not drinking, etc. as long as you’re positive, nice, and fun to be around no one will care or even notice.
+if you do drink, do so responsibly. I usually drank in my dorm room before so I didn't have to drink at frat parties (not that you have to drink). 
+if you do drink at frat parties, drink from cans or bottles that you have to open yourself. don’t take a drink from someone else, even if they’re drinking it themselves. you don’t know what they’re drinking what they’re into, or where they got the drink from.
+if you feel awkward for not drinking, just put some water in a solo cup. you might feel confident sipping on something, plus there’s nothing wrong with staying hydrated. i’ve totally pulled this trick more times than you’d think. 


+boys are dumb, that’s the biggest thing. 
+talk to as many boys as you want, but don’t trust a thing they tell you. boys lie at parties, so do girls, but boys are the biggest liars. 
+they’re all mostly after one thing.
+at the beginning of the year I went out with a lot of boys, but they have a lot of trouble getting into frat parties if they’re not in it. I stuck with them at the beginning of the year, but towards the end of the year I knew that if my girl friends and I were going to a frat party, our guy friends probably couldn’t come. if you do want to go out with your guy friends find a house party or just do something else (house parties, in my opinion, are more fun anyway)


+stick. with. your. friends. 
+make sure you know what everyone’s motivations are for the night. if you’re going out with just one friend make sure you talk before the party about how you have to stick together the whole night. no woman left behind. if you’re going with a group, do the buddy system or whatever. just make sure no one is left alone. 
+if you’re not having a good night and want to leave early, that’s fine. just don’t walk alone and make sure you tell your friends where you’re going. uber or lyft back to your dorm and keep your friends posted all the way until you are tucked safely back in your bed. 
+parties are a great way to make friends and get to know people. I met so many people in my dorm at parties. I also met so many people in my classes at parties. sometimes a party conversation can lead absolutely no where, sometimes it leads to a familiar face that you just say hi to on campus, but sometimes it can lead to awesome friendships. don’t be shy, everyone loves to be chatty and get to know people at parties, that’s the point. 

I guess the moral of the story is have fun, but still be safe. It’s all common sense. Don’t be dumb, stick with your friends, have fun, don’t trust drunk boys, and get to know people. Sometimes the parties can be like the movies, and other times it’s just a low key kinda deal. Go where the night takes you. 

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