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I mentioned this a few posts back, but I’ve been having a lot of boy complications lately. It’s mostly because I realized that they’re being jerks and I’ve been standing up for myself and it’s been leading to arguments and misunderstandings. I think boys are just so shocked whenever a girl actually stands up for themselves that they don’t know how to respond and they ultimately end up saying things that they hopefully don’t mean. 

Even though boys are stupid, I’m so thankful to be surrounded by awesome girl friends who have been so supportive and helpful. We’ve been joking around saying that, by standing up for myself, I’m becoming the ultimate feminist. And that got me thinking, what even is a feminist? I feel like,especially lately, there has been kind of a stigma around the word. 

So here’s an outline between what I believe an actual feminist is vs. the stigma surrounded feminist 

-stands up for herself
-believes men and women are equal in every way
-let’s gentlemen be gentlemen if she wants to (open doors, pay for meals, etc.)
-doesn’t have anything against the color pink 
-wears a bra because she wants to not because she has to
-you, me, and every other girl out there (because what girl doesn’t think that women are equal to men??)

-hairy arm pits 
-smells like patchouli oil
-only homosexual 
-doesn’t believe in wearing bras 

Just because some people don’t really know the definition of “feminist” doesn’t mean that you should shy away from your beliefs or apologize for thinking men and women are equal. Both genders have a right to say what they think, be paid fairly for their job (not according to their gender), and have equal rights. The stigma surrounding feminism is dumb, untrue, and totally worth making fun of because it’s highly entertaining. 

Are you a feminist?
Do you stick up for yourself when a boy is being a cotton headed ninny muggins?

Thanks for reading!