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a little rant


You know that thing you do every day that is kind of “your thing?” 

It’s like a little secret part of you that none of your friends know about. It could be anything from researching poems to journaling your dreams to watching someone on YouTube. 

We all have these little parts of us that we keep to ourselves because, at the end of the day, they remind us of who we are and who we want to be. They keep us grounded and make us feel safe and at home. Sometimes these things are weird, sometimes they’re cute and quirky, and sometimes they’re just “boring.”

College has been kind of amazing in teaching me about the person I want to be and the person that I am. Being constantly surrounded by people is this amazing learning tool. I’ve learned more about myself in these past five weeks than I ever imagined possible. I’ve learned that, as much as I love being around people all the time, I also need at least one or two hours in the day of just being locked in my room to decompress. I’ve learned that faking confidence is just as good as having the real thing. I’ve learned that having a few real friends is better than having a million and one fake friends. I’ve learned how to help people when they need it most, even if it’s just sitting in silence with them. 

I realize I started this post with the intention of sharing my favorite YouTuber, Casey Neistat, but it kind of transformed into a reflective piece that only my mom will probably appreciate. I apologize for that little rant in the paragraph above, but I digress…

If you ever find yourself needing to spend a few minutes a day doing something unproductive but want to feel productive at the same time, I highly suggest you check out Casey Neistat’s YouTube channel. It’s filled with inspiration and beauty and interest and really just everything. I find myself watching his videos daily when I need a few minutes of alone time (the decompressing time). Whenever I find someone who also watches Casey's videos a little piece of me gets so excited that we both share this common interest. I don't really talk about watching his videos, and my friends have no idea that I do, but when it comes up it's exciting to share! 

So there you have it. Another post about nothing really in particular. But do check out Casey’s videos, I promise you won’t regret it! 

Thanks for reading!