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Camo Magic

FASHIONChloe Gordon

The other day I was shopping around Boulder with my mom and brother. We popped into this cute little outdoorsy store and the woman working was wearing the cutest outfit. 

We’re talking a perfectly fitted white tee, a black baseball cap, camo pants, and some tan sandals. She was literally the epitome of casual chic. Effortless style. I asked her where she got her pants from (because she was totally rocking them) and she said from the boy’s section of Old Navy. They fit her so perfectly that I was shocked that they were from the boy’s section. 

There was something about the camouflage that made me want to try it out for myself. I decided to pull the trigger (heh, get it?) and purchase a camo hat from Urban Outfitters. 

I wore it with a little black tee shirt dress to a party the other night and got endless compliments. It was weird. I think there’s something about wearing camo that makes people feel invincible and confident. I don’t know what it is but we’ll call it camo magic. 

What trends are you loving lately? 

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