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best day of my life

FASHIONChloe Gordon

This past Tuesday was the best day of my life. 

At the glorious hour of 11o’clock a.m., I was informed that my math final later in the day was cancelled. 

All because of some snow. 

I found out while in a quiet study room, but didn’t hesitate to scream and dance and tear up when my friend shared the news with me. 

It was seriously the best news I could have ever received in that specific moment in time. Everything was perfect. It was a literal blizzard outside, my math final was cancelled, the hot chocolate in the dining hall was on point, and my friends agreed to having a mini photo shoot outside our dorm. 

I swear I’m at my most creative when I’m avoiding studying. 

That being said, one of my friends took a few cute shots of me so I figured I should share them here. Because nothing says “blogger” like a post filled with narcissistic photos of yourself, am I right?


But not really.

If you're interested in my outfit here are the details: 
coat / sweater / shoes / scarf (similar)