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when i grow up

CollegeChloe Gordon

What do you want to be when you grow up? 

It’s the question that has kind of been relevant our entire lives. From drawing our dream job in kindergarten (I fluctuated between teacher and princess, depending on the day I was asked), to writing one page papers in middle school (still wanted to be a teacher, and on some days, a princess), to picking our major in college (moved away from teacher, realized princess wasn't in my cards, and moved on to strategic communications), we’ve been constantly asked this question since before we can remember. The nurse in the hospital probably asked me what I wanted to be the second I came out of the womb. 

Now that I’ve started college and picked my major, I’m feeling like this daunting question has become a reality. I’m officially starting the path of my future. Sure, I started my path in middle and high school, but in college it feels more official. 

When I grow up, I want to be a creative director. I want to be in charge of the creative side of marketing and I want to help with branding. I want to live a creative lifestyle that influences and affects people’s lives in the best and most inspirational way possible.
I want to make change through creativity. 

In college, I’m taking courses that apply to this dream. One of my courses is called Concepts and Creativity: Digital Storytelling. Yesterday, in my class, we had a discussion on Barbie. Where she came from, how she’s changed throughout the years based on social norms, and how many people are affected by her… even college aged boys. I never imagined how much Barbie affected my life, but she can take the credit for most of my love of all things girly. Weird how such a, seemingly, small part of my life can have so much influence over me. 

Another class that I’m taking is called Idea Industries where we discuss the behind the scenes of the marketing and media world. You know the eTrade baby commerical?  Well the guy who came up with the entire concept came and spoke to my class. How cool is that? We’ve also had a ton of other phenomenal guest speakers, and my professor is absolutely out of this world amazing. 

Learning what I want to learn, and learning about my possible future is this crazy cool thing. College really is an amazing place, and I regret rolling my eyes every time someone told me that “college is the best four years of your life.”
Five weeks in, and I’m already understanding why it’s true.

Thanks for reading!