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Caroline Calloway Opinion

Chloe Gordon

Caroline Calloway is an Instagram-er. A long caption format Instagram-er. 

Is she an influencer? Well, she’s influenced me to try Birch Coffee next time I’m in New York. So I’d say so. 

Is she a fashion instagram-er? She’s inspired me to only purchase clothes so soft that you can nap in them. Not actually, but I do keep that mindset while shopping now, so maybe she is. 

Is she a hot topic? Yes. 

I started following Caroline back in January when I was recovering from a Kidney infection. I was in a bad place physically and mentally drained. She inspired me to be more independent. To do what I wanted with my life (and on Instagram) for myself instead of for others. She inspired me to care less about the likes and more about how my content made people feel. Revolutionary if you ask me. 

But then, later this year, she was the focus of every controversial article you could ever think of. She wanted to inspire others to write and get to know other writers and dreams and do-ers. So she came up with this idea to create a workshop. I’m not going to get into the details, but people talked and the press wrote about it. 

And then, later this summer, her old “ghost writer,” Natalie, published an article that “exposed” Caroline for who she really was. In my humble opinion, Caroline might have mistreated her ghost writer, but Natalie also put herself in situations that she could have easily talked to Caroline about instead of bottling them in. 

So, also in my humble opinion, I love Caroline Calloway. She’s an amazing writer. She’s brave, bold, and willing to share pieces of her life that others really really aren’t. She knows how to elegantly move through life as if it were a fairytale, and even when it’s not, she somehow picks herself back up and keeps moving with her head held high. 

So yeah, she’s probably made some mistakes, but haven’t you? If you’re bored at work or procrastinating, I inspire you to scroll to the very last picture on her account and start reading her captions from there. Her life is very fun to read about. 

Thanks for reading!