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stay soft

Chloe Gordon

I’ve noticed something.

As people get older and older, it seems they also get harder and harder. They lose sense of their softer selves. They put a guard up. They become rough around the edges and in the middle. And for what reason? Because they’ve been hurt, maybe? Because they think life is out to get them? Or maybe it’s because they’ve seen other people become harder and they thing that they too must become hard. 

I challenge you to become softer. Become full of life instead of letting it leave you. Let inspiration fill you to the brims, and allow your cheeks to hurt and become permanently flushed from so many smiles. 

My mom had my horoscope read when I was born and it said that I will age backwards. And, so far, it is true. I was the most wise ten year old you’ll ever meet. I was a rule follower. A people pleaser. A bookworm. All in the fourth grade. 

I’m not saying I’m none of those things now, as an almost adult, but I don’t think I’ve become harder. I’ve chilled out. I have fun. I enjoy the time I’ve been given. I hope that I continue to. I hope I become even softer. I hope I can give the warmest hugs and the happiest smiles. I hope you don’t barf from the cheesiness of this post. 

Anyways, I hope you accept my challenge. Be a warm human. Be a soft human.