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goodbye and good luck

Chloe Gordon

Woah. I have one college class left in my entire career as an undergraduate student. One. 

How did this happen? I remember moving into my dorm room like it was quite literally yesterday. 

I remember calling my mom the next day crying because I was homesick. I remember the first time I ate alone in the dining hall, I remember the first time I dropped my tray in the middle of the dining hall, I remember belly laughs in the dining hall with friends that I had just made. 

College has been a whirlwind. It has been the fastest four years of my life. I don’t want to speak too soon since I’m still decently young, but it’s been the best four years of my life. 

I would love to write a post about all the things I’ve learned while I’ve been in college but I feel like it would turn into more of a novel. If I had to write my top three biggest lessons though they’d be as followed: 

  1. Be kind to everyone. That random kid in your required math class could be the son of the CEO who you want to work for. College has this weird way of bringing the right people to you so be nice to everyone because you never really know who anyone is. 

  2. Enjoy every little moment. People always say that college flies by but you’ll never believe them until it’s the last week and you only have one class left and you don’t know what you’re going to do for the rest of your life. The little random spontaneous moments are the ones that you’re going to remember the most so live it up. 

  3. Do your homework and go to class. It’s easy to forget why you’re actually at school, but in case you forgot, it’s to learn. We’ll never have this amazing opportunity to fill our minds with whatever we want to learn about. 

I feel like every time someone from class says “goodbye and good luck” I could burst into tears. Moving on is hard, but it’s also so extremely exciting.

Thanks for reading.