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Chloe Gordon

I want to share a little project that I worked on in my Typography class. Typography, if you don’t already know, is the study of fonts. Why do I love fonts so much? Honestly, I couldn’t tell you, but my love developed in elementary school when we got to play around with Word Art. It’s been a few years since my Word Art obsession, but the love for fonts has continued on.

Anyways, in  my class we had to chose an old school piece of technology to make a piece of art with. We had the option of really anything, from typewriters to stamps, but I decided to use a label maker. I thought of what a label maker does, label things, obviously, but then I thought about what it doesn’t do. It doesn’t label people. So I decided to label people, clearly. I think too often labeling is received with a negative connotation, but why not label people positively. I asked one of my friends if she’d pose for a few photos and if I could kindly label her. She agreed, and the piece below is what I submitted for class.

After I presented it to the class and explained everything, my professor and I decided it would be a cool series if I had people “label” themselves, with whichever words first come to mind, when they think about themselves, and then photograph them with the labels on their bodies. Something to consider. 

I also challenge you to think how you would label yourself? Is it kind? If not, why is that? Why are we so harsh on ourselves? 

Here’s the piece if you’re curious.