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coolest guy i know

Chloe Gordon

My brother is the coolest person I know. Sure, bold statement. Sure, family looking out for family. Sure, biased opinion. But seriously, he’s just cool. Without trying. He’s been effortlessly cool ever since I remember. 

Let me tell a little story. My brother is three and half years younger than me, so my mom and I used to drag him along to when we got our nails done. I think he was in the first grade and a guy at the nail salon jokingly asked if my brother wanted his nails done. Reis, agreed, sat down, and got his nails painted. He chose to paint them black. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. But of course, growing up in the smallest little town in the deep south of Alabama, no one else did. I’m sure he got made fun of in class, but Reis isn’t the guy to talk about that kind of stuff. He just lets it roll of his back. At this point in his life he was also wearing the brightest lime green high top converse. He was who he was and didn’t care at all, in the first grade. Looking back, he just did what he liked and didn’t think about anyone else, and that’s pretty cool for a first grader. The best part of it all? He’s still the exact same way. 


I, on the other hand, was the opposite. I cared what people thought of me, I wore what I thought fit in the most. I wasn’t unique. I wish I had lived my childhood a little more like my brother. I think since I’ve graduated from the fifth grade, I’ve been able to care a little less, but Reis has been and will forever be the coolest guy I know.

He’s now currently a freshman in college, and although he’ll most likely never read this I hope he keeps his individuality alive. I admire his true to self style, his ability to do whatever he wants without thinking about other’s opinions or thoughts of him. I hope he stays true to his true self. 

So let’s all try to be a little more like Reis. 

Also, he made me a playlist (because I asked for it) and he did. Check it out if you need some new music in your life. Here’s the link: PLAYLIST

thanks for reading