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boom cheddar 1

Chloe GordonComment

The dog days of summer are officially here my fellow internet junkies. Yesterday was a freaking 100 degree temperature day and I don’t know what you’re supposed to do in that kind of heat besides submerge yourself into a pool of chilly agua. However, my friends and I don’t frequent the campus pool because 1. It’s a ten minute walk and that’s ten minutes too far in this blazing heat and 2. that’s where the frat and srat starts go to mate and even though my friends and I are in a sorority we don’t like the undertones that come with the pool. Jk, you might find us there sometime this summer but we will 1. most likely be intoxicated and 2. be desperate for a pool day. 


So what do you do when you have these issues? Let me tell you: you go to Costco, buy an excessive amount of food for three people, discover that they sell 12 foot inflatable pools for $10, buy said inflatable pool, eat excessive amounts of samples, and then vlog the rest of your day. 

I think we’re going to try to vlog most of the rest of our days of summer, but we have the tendency to start things and not finish them around here, so we’ll see how it goes. Here’s vlog number one though. We’ve decided to call it Boom Cheddar for reasons unknown except we say “Boom Cheddar” very often throughout our days. 


Over and out.