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Chloe Gordon

In my typography class, we had critiques on a recent project that we just completed. The project was actually showcased in one of our town’s museums which was an amazing experience. You could say I’m a ~real~ artist now. Just kidding. 

But anyways, during our critique one of the girls in my class stood up and shared a story about her piece. On her piece she had tidbits of negative pieces from her journal throughout her years on Earth. 

I thought the fact that she chose only the negative lines to be fascinating ,and then I started thinking about myself. When I was home over Thanksgiving break I found one of my old “diaries” that literally contained three written pages of the 200 pages it was as a whole. These three pages that I actually wrote were negative things that happened during my senior year of high school. Mostly about boys. I found it super interesting that I only took the time to write something when it was negative. Do you think we (I) don’t write positive things in our (my) lives because we’d rather feel them again, and by writing them down we think it won’t? Or do we mostly write negative things to help us mentally understand what makes them negative? Or to look back on and realize how far we’ve come? 

I think there’s something enchanting about finding raw writings from the past. I always say I’m going to write in a journal but I can never manage to keep writing longer than for what seems like  three days. I’ve been in a little mental funk for the past few days and I know the feelings will pass, but as a creature of habit I am sharing that I’m having these negative feelings / perceptions because they too will pass with time.

Also, here are a few pictures of my art installation if you’re interested. 


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