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with a purpose

Chloe Gordon

Do you ever meet someone and think that they’re “cool.” Like the purest definition of the word “cool.” To the point even where it seems like they’re not even trying. How are people so effortlessly cool? But then again it’s important to remember that the person I think is the coolest might be super lame to you and vice versa. It’s all subjective, much like art. 

I was just in my typography class and our current project is to design 26 characters. Essentially, we have to create our own font. My teacher is the walking version of the word “cool,” and loves when people bend, stretch, cut, and destroy the norm. He loves when people take risks, but more importantly he loves when creative executions have a purpose. As a creative major, I’ve been struggling to create things with purpose. I often find myself creating things simply because I think they are pretty or what someone else would think was cool, but I have a hard time doing things with a pure reason. 

In my portfolio class my professor has been stressing the idea of having a concept. I know he’s probably just talk about a concept in the advertising world, but I think it’s important to have a concept with everything that we do. For example, I’ve decided to write a blog post every day, but for what reason? Because I want to become a better writer. There. That’s a reason. But why do I want to become a better writer? Why do I even have this blog in the first place. What’s the purpose? I’ll get back to you on that one.

I think it’s also interesting to look at fashion. Every single person wears clothes, but the clothes that they wear were picked for a purpose. Sometimes it’s for comfort, other times it’s for beauty, even sometimes it’s to project a certain feeling you’re having on a certain day. Think about what you’re wearing right now and ask yourself what the purpose of it even is. 

This one was written for the purpose of me challenging myself to do things with a purpose moving forward. 

Thanks for reading.