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Bye Bye Gossip

Chloe Gordon

I’m currently sitting in the library procrastinating homework that I should be doing. What’s new? Nothing, that’s the answer. 

But here’s the deal. It’s productive procrastination. I’m reading some articles about being in your 20’s. I feel like I’m in this weird stage of life where I’m not really an adult, but I also am. I’m in college, but I’m living without parental supervision. It feels like this weird in-between. Sure, I have two more years left in the college bubble, but I also have TWO YEARS until I’m a full fledged adult. Weird. It’s weird. 

So anyway, as I’m procrastinating, I find this article titled “25 Uncomfortable Things You Need To Do If You Don’t Want To Regreat Your 20s.”

The whole article is a great read, but one of the points really resonated with me. It says “have something to talk about that isn’t other people, and your judgements of them.” I think everyone, not just people in their 20’s can relate to this. So often, as humans, we feel the need to gossip. To talk about people behind their backs, stretch the truth, blur lines, ask questions that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things, etc. It’s dumb. Gossip is dumb. 

I’ve decided to commit to this; I no longer want to waste my time talking about people. I want to focus on positive energy. To talking about things that matter, things that make me feel smarter and more energized instead of talking about things that waste my time and make me feel heated. 

Here’s to not regretting my 20’s and talking about things that really matter.

Bye bye gossip! 

Thanks for reading,