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Internet Round Up | 06.01.17

Chloe Gordon


The Girls. It’s literally such a great book. Everyone who sees me reading it that has read it says “omg I loved that book” or something along those lines. The way the author writes about certain details is just so beautiful and makes some mundane things about life almost seem magical in a way. 10/10 recommend. 


Riverdale on Netflix. I grew up reading Archie comics so I’m all about that Riverdale life. It’s kinda cheesy kinda amazing so it’s worth watching, obviously. I described it to my friend as a small town Gossip Girl, and I just think that’s about all you need. Watch it! 


I watched the show Big Little Lies and fell in love with the soundtrack. The song River by Leon Bridges is a must listen. It’s on the slower side but it’s just so perfect. Everyone loves the show and this song especially so give it a listen for sure. 


My mom and I went shopping today and we popped into Abercrombie. We usually get overwhelmed by the loud music and strong strong smells (grandma status) but this time the environment was, well, shop-able. I found this Flutter dress and bought it in two colors. It fits perfectly and can be dressed up or down or anywhere in between. 


A few funny tweets. Some are funny, others are funnier. Can’t go wrong with a sprinkle of humor.