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I’m currently enrolled in a Web Design class. Actually, as I type this, I’m currently sitting in my Web Design class. It’s a two and a half hour lab — aka two and a half hours of my TA walking my lab group through the behind the scenes of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. It’s a long two and a half hours. A really really long two and a half hours. 

I’m usually a pretty good student too, I take good notes, I’m a good listener, and I love my major. However, I don’t have the best attention span. I’m kinda like that dog, Doug, from the movie Up. When I’m expected to pay attention for such an unbelievably long time, I find my mind wondering. Throughout this class — that I should be paying attention to right now — I’ve had multiple thoughts that have lead me down a path of complete and utter distraction. Like the kind of distraction that when you start listening to the teacher again you’re completely lost and haven’t heard a word of what the TA has said for the past half hour, not a single word. 

Because we’re an hour and a half into class and I’ve tuned it all out (Mom, if you’re reading this I’m sorry, but I can’t focus) I’ve decided to share some thoughts that I’ve had throughout class.

  1. Why is it that I could do 8ams every day of my life until college, but now I have an 8am once a week and it feels like literal death to wake up for it. 
  2. How did pumpkin spice become a trend? How? Why? Does anyone actually enjoy pumpkin flavoring that much or is it all a media scam? I think it’s a scam and that we somehow have too many pumpkins in America and farmers are trying to get rid of them. I think I’m on to something big. 
  3. Why does tomato soup only taste good with cheese? Grilled cheese and tomato soup is the bomb-est of combinations. 
  4. Imagine knowing Dwight Shrute in real life. How crazy would that be? Would it be entertaining? Would it be fun? Would it be terrifying? I think terrifyingly hilarious. 
  5. It’s almost October and that really freaks me out. This year FLEW by and this semester is flying by too quickly. I’m not ready to be an upperclassman in college, let alone am I ready for the real world. Yikes.